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AP60 Review - ZMarketChangers


In the box, first look and impressions:

The box is very traditional for Hidizs. High quality prints, large shiny logo at front and full technical specifications at the back. Such box would be very pleasing to receive as a present on any occasion.

We really didn’t realize how small AP60II player is comparing to other Hidizs models until we’ve opened the box. First couple of seconds we failed to identify the unit itself inside the box due to its unusual size and additional protective semi-transparent bag. Only than came the understanding that upper part of such a large box holds AP60II securely at place and the bottom part contains additional packing for other goodies.

Beside the player itself, the box contents are:

Semi-transparent matt plastic protective cover (clamp-shell type)
Extra screen protector
Back glass protector
microUSB cable
Warranty materials and quick start guide

Unfortunately, no microSD card or charger accessories provided. But hey — current market price for this unit is so low and price/features/performance ratio is so high that it is obvious that manufacturer tried to compensate some cost… Anyway, AP60II can charge from any USB port or standalone charger. No big deal. And microSD cards are cheap nowadays, especially if not trying to feed something like UHS-type inside which is useless — any microSD card up to 256GB and almost of any class would do. Even large DSD files would still require only class 4-6 to play smoothly.

What is really good is that manufacturer included protective plastic clamp shell that covers back and sides of AP60II, applied protective screen cover (you would only have to peel off opper layer prior to use), one extra screen protector and additional back glass protector. The last one is not really necessary when the device is used with clamp shell.

Materials and design:

In terms of design and materials AP60II is almost the exact copy of AP200 flagship unit. Same aluminum-alloy unibody construction with 2.5D curved glass panel at the back. Feels rock solid in hands.


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