HIDIZS Brand Story

Soulful music beyond time and space

HIDIZS is an acoustic brand that envisions itself as the ideal professional brand to recreate natural and authentic melodies. With the founder's background in music and expertise in psychoacoustics, we have a profound understanding of our users, making their experiences our top priority in product development. Unlike conventional audio products that primarily focus on the electronic aspects of sound, such as waveforms, curves, and frequencies, we recognize the importance of human perception and aim to capture unique details that express specific performance settings, the artist's emotions, subtle instrument variations, and interaction with the audience. By doing so, we aim to reproduce the cohesion, artistic essence, and aesthetic beauty of a musical composition.

Since the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison, sound recording and playback have long been driven by economic rather than artistic values. Acoustics has been one of the earliest studied physical quantities, yet a comprehensive theory of auditory perception is still lacking. While we understand the process of sound waves traveling through auditory organs and the neural system to reach the brain's cortex, the analysis, processing, and judgment within the cortex remain subjects for further research. Simply put, even with identical audio reproduced through the same playback device, different listeners still experience different auditory perceptions. Modern science has yet to provide a complete theory to explain these inherent "differences." Similar to the distinction between "paintings and prints," despite the ability of prints to perfectly reproduce an artist's work, we can sense completely different artistic vibes between the two.

Therefore, HIDIZS believes that electronic devices are merely technical means to achieve sound reproduction, while the essence lies in the sound that is recorded and experienced by listeners across time and space. Acoustics serves as the carrier of shared technology while being imbued with personalized auditory experiences. It is the emphasis on these unique individual auditory experiences that sets HIDIZS apart and defines our distinctive acoustic characteristics. We place great importance on faithfully reproducing the overall composition, encompassing all the details of a live performance without embellishment or modification. Our goal is to present a piece of soulful music, transcending time and delivering the genuine emotions embedded within the composition. Respecting each individual's unique auditory perception is the core value of the HIDIZS brand.

About Hidizs

About Hidizs

Driven by these principles, HIDIZS delves into the research of acoustic propagation characteristics in various performance environments. We record and compare audio data from open spaces, large opera halls, indoor and outdoor stages, recording studios, and natural outdoor environments, seeking the optimal auditory experience for the human ear. As a result of our dedication, we introduced the groundbreaking AP100, a portable high-fidelity music player that quickly gained widespread recognition for its unique acoustic features. To this day, the HIDIZS AP100 remains a remarkable success story in the HiFi audio community. Over the past decade, we have released a range of classic digital players and decoders, all receiving high acclaim from the industry, media, market, and users. Among them, the AP80 series has spanned three generations and enjoyed nearly a decade of best-selling performance. With the rapid development of the internet and the flourishing streaming media industry in recent years, HIDIZS has expanded its product ecosystem to include compact external decoders, known as "Little Tail," tailored for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as headphones catering to the increasing consumer demand.

While HIDIZS strives for excellence in the field of acoustics, we also pursue perfection in product design. Starting with the AP100, every HIDIZS product, whether a player or an accessory, regardless of its value, places artistic details as a priority consideration in terms of materials and form. We combine ambient lighting effects with audio, enhancing the product's appearance and elevating brand recognition to new heights. With our professionalism in acoustics, diverse product ecosystem, and youthful and vibrant design style, HIDIZS aims to enable more users to experience premium auditory enjoyment and join us in immersing themselves in the audio melodies that transcend time and space.

HIDIZS Acoustics - transcending time and space, recreating natural melodies.

Mission & Value

Mission & Value

Our brand is positioned as a "professional acoustic brand," differentiating ourselves from competing brands categorized as "audio brands." This signifies that HIDIZS not only focuses on the digital audio reproduction but also values users' personalized auditory experiences. We combine digital technology with psychoacoustics to create unique acoustic characteristics in our products.
Our vision is for HIDIZS to excel in acoustic technology, enabling users to enjoy superior audio experiences that transcend time and space, faithfully reproducing natural melodies.
We value and respect each individual's unique auditory perception, emphasize artistic details and perfect design aesthetics, pursue excellence in acoustic performance, and continuously innovate and progress.
Our mission is to become a professional acoustic brand, offering users personalized and high-quality auditory experiences through our professionalism, diverse product ecosystem, and youthful and vibrant design style.

Awards & Press

Awards & Press

Hidizs products have garnered several prestigious professional certifications, including Japan Hi-Res Audio, Hi-Res Audio wireless, Sony LDAC, and MQA. Additionally, our dedication to excellence has been recognized by winning the VGP Golden Prize for three consecutive years (2019, 2020, 2021). Notably, Hidizs's renowned classics, the AP80 & AP80 Pro, secured a remarkable 7th place at the Yearly Best Earphones Sales Award in Japan from 2018 to 2021.

While both customer feedback and our own discerning ears validate the exceptional quality of Hidizs products, we are also humbled by the recognition received from the industry. Over the years, our products have been bestowed with a multitude of accolades ranging from Editors' Choice to Product of the Year, earning commendations from numerous media outlets. We take great pride in showcasing these esteemed recommendations here.

Product Time Line

Product Time Line



Hidizs AP100 - HiFi Portable Music Player

Hidizs' first pocket Hi-Fi audio player, the AP100, holds significant importance as a milestone product that quickly gained widespread recognition for its unique acoustic characteristics. Even today, the Hidizs AP100 remains a prominent figure in the Hi-Fi audio community. This groundbreaking device was officially unveiled at CES, the world's most influential tech event, in January 2014.

- Hi-Res Audio & Great Quality Sound
- Customize Listen Style by EQ hardware & SRC Function
- Multiple Inerfaces For Easy Use
- Connectivity to Various Devices



Hidizs AP200 - The Next Generation Android HiFi Music Player

The first android Hi-Fi music player by Hidizs, AP200, was launched on Kickstarter, having since raised HK$2,223,428,000 with the support of 943 backers (all orders have been shipped!).

The AP200’s Hi-Res Audio certification was issued by JAS (Japan Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Technology Association), showing our commitment to crafting a high quality sound equipment.

- Hi-Res Audio & Great Quality Sound
- Dual Crystal Oscillators
- Bluetooth4.0 And Apt-X Support
- Wi-Fi, DLNA And Dropbpx Support
- Cortex-A9 Processsor, 1.4GHz With Android System
- Industry Breakthrough Design
- Side Key Controls
- 10 Hours Playtime
- 32/64-GB Memory Plus Micro SD



Hidizs DH1000 - World's First Truly Dual Balanced Amplifier

The subsequent launch of the DH1000 Dual Balanced Amplifier on Kickstarter, having since raised HK$574,147 with the support of 350 backers (all orders have been shipped!).

Hidizs DH1000 is designed for music enthusiasts. The dual DACs are embedded in a balanced op-amp circuit to maximize the stereo separation. With its dual-channel headphone amplifiers, the stereo flows across both the left and right side of your headphones to deliver world-class performance and a sense of balance to ensuring your music will come through as pure as it can ever be.

- Native DSD64/128
- Support MQA audio technology
- ESS9281C PRO DAC chip + dual op amp RT6863C
- 3-level gain selection & high output power
- Advanced configuration to improve sound quality
- Magnetic adsorption design
- Support Apple lossless audio



Hidizs AP80 - Next Generation Ultraportable HiFi Music Player

Another collective effort supported by the audiophile community, having raised HK$1,880,825 from 1,795 backers. (all orders have been shipped!).

Hidizs AP80 is designed to be ultraportable, the AP80 lets you bring your Hi-Res music everywhere you go. Despite its small size, our engineers made sure the sound quality was not compromised. Listen to Hi-Res music all day, everyday, whether your at home, at work or outdoors.

- Native DSD64/128
- Support MQA audio technology
- ESS9281C PRO DAC chip + dual op amp RT6863C
- 3-level gain selection & high output power
- Advanced configuration to improve sound quality
- Magnetic adsorption design
- Support Apple lossless audio



Hidizs MS4 - Epic Hybrid Quad Drivers HiFi In-Ear Monitors

Hidizs Mermaid MS4 is the game-changing MS4 hybrid quad drivers in-ear monitor earphones for active listeners, delivering a powerful sound experience and easy way to upgrade your hi-fi system. A pair of high-end earphones that cater for all usage scenarios.

- Triple Balanced Armature & Dynamic Driver
- Knowles BA Driver & 10.2mm Dynamic Diaphragm
- Convenient Detachable Cord & Stylish Design
- Ergonomic Design & Snugly Fit
- Hi-Res Certified & Compatibility




The Hidizs S8 HiFi Decoding Amplifier is a compact and powerful device designed to enhance the audio quality of your music. It features high-resolution audio decoding and supports a wide range of audio formats, delivering rich and immersive sound. With its portable design and built-in headphone amplifier, it allows you to enjoy high-fidelity music on the go with greater clarity and detail.

- Powerful Decoding Chip & Advanced Sound Enhancer
- Support DSD64/128/256 & PCM 384kHz/32bit
- Wide Compatibility & A Wealth of Accessories
- More Precise Volume Control & Plug-and-Play
- Quality Materials & Elaborate Portable Design
- Support Apple lossless audio



Hidizs MS1-Rainbow - 10.2mm Polymer Bio-diaphragm Dynamic Driver HiFi In-Ear Monitor Earphones

The Hidizs Mermaid MS1 Rainbow HiFi In-Ear Monitor Earphones are premium-grade earphones designed to deliver exceptional audio performance. With their compact and ergonomic design, they provide a comfortable and secure fit for prolonged listening sessions. The earphones feature high-quality drivers and offer a wide frequency response, producing clear and detailed sound with impressive bass depth and balanced mids and highs.

- Call & In-line Control Function
- Quality Detachable Cord & Stylish Design
- Comfortable & Snugly Fit
- Hi-Res Certified & Compatibility


AP80 Pro

Hidizs AP80 Pro - Fantastic Dual DACs Fully Balanced Portable Lossless Music Player

The Hidizs AP80 Pro Portable LDAC Lossless MQA Music Player is a versatile and high-quality audio player designed for audiophiles on the go. It supports LDAC wireless transmission, ensuring a superior wireless listening experience with high-resolution audio. With MQA decoding capabilities, it allows for the playback of master-quality audio, delivering exceptional sound reproduction and fidelity.

- Dual DAC Chip & Precision FPGA Chip
- Support MQA 4X Audio Technology
- Bi-Directional Bluetooth 4.2 & UAT Transmission Technology
- Single-ended 3.5mm & Balanced 2.5mm JACKS & Samsung IPS HD Touchscreen
- Bi-Directional USB DAC & Expandable Storage Capacity
- Portable MP3 Player & FM Radio & Step Counter



Hidizs H1 - Neckband Sports Bluetooth HiFi Earphones

The Hidizs H1 Neckband Sports Bluetooth HiFi Earphones are designed for active individuals who want to enjoy high-quality music on the go. The neckband design provides a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to move freely during workouts or outdoor activities. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily pair the earphones with your devices and enjoy wireless music streaming without compromising on sound quality.

- Qualcomm QCC3005+Bluetooth 5.0+aptX
- Using HiBy Blue App & Lossless Codec
- Better Sound Quality and Configuration Functions
- IPX5 for Dust, Oil and Sweat Resistant & Gold-Plated 0.78mm 2pin
- Long Battery Life & In-Line Remote Control Function & Bluetooth HD Call



Hidizs S9 - 2.5mm Balanced & 3.5mm Single-ended Mini HiFi DAC & AMP

The Hidizs S9 is a compact and high-performance DAC designed to deliver exceptional audio quality. It features both balanced and single-ended outputs, allowing for versatile connectivity with headphones and audio systems. With its premium components and precise audio reproduction, the Hidizs S9 offers a portable solution for audiophiles seeking to enhance their listening experience.

- Extraordinary HiFi Experience from Exceptional DAC
- Support DSD Up to 512 & PCM 768kHz/32bits
- Contains Dual Interfaces & Many Accessories
- Variable LED Indicator Light & Powerful Driving Capacity
- Quality Material & Elaborate Portable Design



Hidizs H2 - Lossless LDAC Bluetooth Receiver

The Hidizs H2 is a lossless LDAC Bluetooth receiver that provides high-quality audio streaming with minimal loss of sound quality. It supports LDAC, aptX HD, and other high-resolution audio codecs, ensuring a superior wireless listening experience. With its compact and portable design, the H2 is perfect for upgrading the sound quality of your existing wired headphones or audio systems, making it an excellent choice for music enthusiasts on the go.

- Advanced Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth Chip
- High-performance Amplifier Chip MAX97220
- Bluetooth 5.0
- NFC One-key Pairing



Hidizs MS2 - Hybrid Dual Drivers HiFi Earphones

The Hidizs Mermaid MS2 is a pair of hybrid dual-driver HiFi earphones designed for exceptional audio performance. It features a combination of balanced armature drivers and dynamic drivers, delivering a balanced and immersive sound experience. The earphones offer high-resolution audio playback with rich bass, clear midrange, and detailed treble, providing a well-rounded and enjoyable listening experience for music enthusiasts.

- Knowles RAD-33518-P183
- 10.2mm Large Dynamic Driver
- Eco-Friendly Resin Body
- Phosphorescent Panel
- Mixed Braiding of Quad-Core Wires
- Hi-Res Audio



Hidizs DH80/DH80S - 3.5mm & 4.4mm Portable Balanced DAC & AMP

The Hidizs DH80/DH80S is a portable balanced DAC and amplifier that offers high-quality audio performance on the go. It features a balanced output, allowing for improved audio separation and reduced interference. With its compact design and support for various audio formats, the DH80/DH80S provides a versatile solution for audiophiles seeking a portable and powerful DAC and amplifier combo.

- Native DSD64/128
- Support MQA Audio Technology
- ESS9281C PRO DAC Chip + Dual Op Amps RT6863C
- 3-level Gain Selection & High Output Power
- Advanced Configuration Improves Sound Quality
- Magnetic Adsorption Design
- Support Apple lossless audio


S9 Pro

Hidizs S9 Pro - 2.5mm Balanced & 3.5mm Single-ended Mini HiFi DAC & AMP

The Hidizs S9 Pro is a mini HiFi DAC that supports both balanced and single-ended output. It features a high-performance DAC chip and supports various audio formats, including PCM and DSD. With its compact size and premium build quality, the S9 Pro delivers exceptional audio quality and versatility for audiophiles on the go.

- Hi-Res Audio Certified
- ESS9038Q2M DAC
- PCM: Up to 32bit768kHz
- Native DSD Supports Up to 512
- Single-ended 3.5mm + Balanced 2.5mm
- One-Piece High-Density CNC Aluminum Body
- Sampling Rate Indicator Light
- Powerful Drive Ability. 200mW BAL / 100mW SE
- Compatible with Windows/Android/Mac OS/iOS/iPad OS System
- Support Apple lossless audio


S3 Pro

Hidizs S3 Pro - Next Generation Ultra Portable Hi-Res DAC Dongle

Raised HK$ 431,693 with 814 Backers

The Hidizs S3 PRO is an ultra-portable Hi-Res DAC dongle designed for enhancing audio quality on the go. It features a USB-C connector, making it compatible with a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The S3 PRO supports high-resolution audio formats and offers a high-quality digital-to-analog conversion, allowing users to enjoy superior audio performance and improved clarity in their music listening experience.

- ESS9281C PRO DAC & 8X MQA Support
- Fully Experience TIDAL Masters & HiBy Music & Apple Music
- Three firmwares - 3 stuning styles
- Sampling Rate LED Indicator Light
- Support Wire Control Earphones with a Microphone
- Mixed Braiding of 2 core high purity silver + 2 core OFC wires (60 strands each)
- Supported Systems: Windows, Android, Mac OS, iPadOS, iOS


AP80 Pro-X

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X - Portable Balanced Lossless MQA Music Player

The Hidizs AP80 PRO-X is a portable music player designed for audiophiles, offering 2.5mm balanced output and lossless audio playback. It supports MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) audio technology, providing high-quality audio reproduction. With its compact size, the AP80 PRO-X allows users to enjoy high-resolution music on the go, making it a versatile and feature-packed choice for music enthusiasts.

- Bluetooth AAC
- Dual DAC Chip & Precision FPGA Chip
- Pocket sized music player (DAP)
- Bi-Directional Bluetooth 4.2 & UAT Technology
- SE 3.5mm & BAL 2.5mm JACKS & Samsung IPS HD Touchscreen
- Two-way USB DAC & Sony LDAC & CSR APT-X
- Step Counter & E-Book Function
- Supported systems: Mac OSx10.7, iPad OS, Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10 or newer systems



Hidizs MM2 - Magneto-static BM Driver HiFi In-Ear Monitor Earphones

The Hidizs Mermaid MM2 is a pair of HiFi in-ear monitor earphones designed for high-quality audio performance. It features a hybrid driver configuration with a 10.2mm dynamic driver and a 6mm low-voltage magneto-static BM driver, delivering a balanced and detailed sound signature. The earphones are crafted with precision and attention to detail, providing a comfortable and immersive listening experience for audiophiles and music lovers alike.

- 6mm Low-voltage Magneto-static BM Driver
- 10.2mm dynamic driver for overall Enhancement In The Mid-bass Range
- 3 Tuning Valves for 3 Different Audio Experiences
- Mix braided quad-core high purity silver & OFC wires
- Eco-friendly Resin Body & Lozenge-cut Faceplate



Hidizs MD4 - Four Balanced Armature Drivers HiFi In-ear Monitors

The Hidizs MD4 is a set of HiFi in-ear monitors that utilize four balanced armature drivers to deliver exceptional audio quality. With its advanced driver configuration, it offers a well-balanced sound signature with precise instrument separation and detailed vocals. The MD4 is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a lightweight and ergonomic design for extended listening sessions without fatigue.

- 4 Custom-Designed BA Drivers
- 4 tuning styles
- 3-way crossover
- High-precision 3D printing straight acoustic sound tube
- Multi-metal body
- Premium cable braiding, quad-core silver & OFC wires
- Detachable 0.78mm 2pin gold-plated socket



Hidizs XO - 3.5mm Single-ended & 2.5mm Balanced MQA Dongle

The Hidizs XO is a versatile MQA dongle that supports both 3.5mm single-ended and 2.5mm balanced audio output. It is designed to provide high-quality audio decoding and playback, supporting up to 32-bit/384kHz sampling rates and MQA decoding for enhanced audio fidelity. With its compact and portable design, the XO allows for easy integration with various devices, making it a convenient option for audiophiles on the go.

- MQA 16X
- ESS SABRE ES9219C * 2
- Stylish RGB LED Light - Hidizs Patented Innovation
- Physical Button for RGB LED Lights & Filter Mode Switch
- Single-ended 3.5mm + Balanced 2.5mm
- Sampling Rate Indicator Light
- HiBy Music APP
- Hi-Res Audio & MQA certified



Hidizs MS5 - 4BA+1DD Hybrid 5 Drivers HiFi In-Ear Monitor Earphone

The Hidizs MS5 is a hybrid in-ear monitor earphone featuring a combination of four balanced armature drivers and one dynamic driver. This configuration provides a balanced and immersive sound experience with precise instrument separation and rich bass response. With its ergonomic design and high-quality materials, the MS5 offers a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions, making it an ideal choice for audiophiles seeking a versatile and high-fidelity audio solution.

- Hidizs New Custom Liquid Silicone Dynamic Driver
- Denmark Sonion 4 Balanced Armature Driver
- Hidizs Exclusive Solder Process
- Replaceable "Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter™"
- Aluminum Alloy Cavity + Resin Hollow Panel
- New 0.78mm 2pin Detachable Cable Design & 3.5mm Plug
- Human-like Ear Structure Design
- Hi-Res Certification



Hidizs MS3 - 2BA+1DD Hybrid 3 Drivers HiFi In-Ear Monitor Earphone

The Hidizs MS3 is a hybrid in-ear monitor earphone featuring two balanced armature drivers and one dynamic driver. This combination delivers a balanced sound signature with detailed highs, clear mids, and impactful bass. The ergonomic design and high-quality materials ensure a comfortable fit and durability, making the MS3 a reliable choice for audiophiles seeking a high-fidelity listening experience.

- 10.2mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver
- Knowles SWFK-31736 Composite Driver
- Aviation Aluminum Alloy Integrated Engraving Cavity
- Three Fun Hidizs Pneumatic Tuning Filters
- 192-core High-purity Oxygen-free Copper Cable
- Target Frequency Response Curve That Meets Hi-Res Standards
- "Shark Fin'' Detachable Cable Standard 0.78mm 2pin Plug
- Hidizs Customized Storage Bag
- Hi-Res Certification

Tamson, the founder and the CEO of Hidizs, did care. He was an audiophile and fronted an underground rock band in college. After graduating, Tamson dedicated his life to making HiFi music players for lossless music. As an audiophile, it was a no-brainer; music should be heard as it was intended to be.

In order to produce better quality portable HiFi audio devices at an affordable price, Tamson brought together a group of audiophiles with extensive backgrounds in HiFi audio R&D. With a core staff of over 40 audio-obsessed professionals and decades of combined experience, Hidizs has been able to consistently produce the highest quality portable digital audio players (DAPs), earphones, USB DACs, etc.

Hidizs’ official website has comprehensive global shipping coverage. It ships all over the world, and you’ll receive the same quality of service at their online and offline locations. To enhance the delivery time, Hidizs has warehouses in the US, Japan, UK and other parts of Europe ——— Hidizs is everywhere and they aim to provide the best shopping experiences.