Hidizs 4.4mm Male to 2.5mm Female Balanced Adapter

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Hidizs 4.4mm Male to 2.5mm Female Balanced Adapter

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BH3.5: 3.5mm male to 2.5mm female balanced adapter.

BH4.4: 4.4mm male to 2.5mm female balanced adapter.


Easy to Convert

This product eliminates your hassle of changing the cables frequently while reproducing the top-notch quality of the original sound quality, allows you to enjoy your favorite music.


Gold Plated Adapter

The adapter employs gold plating and has excellent oxidation resistance and anti-wear capability. In result delivering lossless sound quality, both the transmission and resolution of the sound are protected from interference.


4 Strands of Oxygen-free Copper Braided Wire Restore Music Details to the Utmost

In order to ensure that the transmission, depth, and resolution, this cable is made of high-purity oxygen-free copper plating material, it delivers excellent sound quality without loss and accurately restores music details.


Scope of Application

This product is suitable for devices with audio output of 3.5mm/4.4mm interface and the headset of the 2.5mm interface.