HIDIZS SD2 HiFi Dongle DAC Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter

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1. Independent Audio DAC Chip ES9270
2. Supports up to PCM 32Bit/384kHz
3. Supports up to DSD128
4. Integrated Design with Type-C to 3.5mm Audio Phone Jack
5. Support iPhone15 Type-C Port
6. Multi Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, HarmonyOS, etc
7. Support Hi-Res Streaming Audio
8. New Generation Aluminum Alloy Mecha Design Adapter
9. Zero Delay in Audio & Video Games
10. Support In-line Control and HD Microphone
11. Sampling Rate Indicator Light
12. 20Hz-40kHz Ultra-wide Frequency Response Range
13. Support Multiple Music APP EQ Sound Effect Adjustment
14. Hi-Res Audio Certified
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Revolutionary Multi-Purpose HiFi Audio DAC & Amplifier

Introducing the Hidizs SD2, a versatile HiFi Dongle DAC Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter equipped with the independent ES9270 chip.Supporting up to 32 bit 383kHz PCM decoding and native 128 DSD decoding, it delivers powerful performance. Seamlessly decode and play lossless Hi-Res music, making it a user-friendly, simply plug-and-play gadget for music enthusiasts.

Versatile Device Connectivity and Powerful Audio Enhancement

The SD2, with its standard Type-C interface, seamlessly connects to smartphones, computers, tablets, and gaming consoles, acting as a versatile external sound card or audio decoding amplifier. Its standard 3.5mm headphone jack supports direct connection to wired headphones or external active speakers, delivering a maximum single-ended output power of 70mW + 70mW @32Ω. Elevate your audio entertainment and gaming experience effortlessly.

Perfectly Sized Audio Upgrade for iPhone 15

Embracing the Type-C international standard, the latest iPhone 15 becomes a must-have audio enhancer. With its petite size of 34.5×20×10mm, it discreetly elevates your on-the-go audio experience. Ideal for travel, home, office and more use.

In-line Control and HD Microphone Support

The Hidizs SD2 not only supports in-line control but also features a high-definition microphone. Plugging it in enables SD2 to convert microphone audio streams to 24-bit, 48 kHz, ensuring clear voice transmission. It serves as an essential portable mini audio decoding device, enhancing audio experiences and delivering Hi-Res music in various usage scenarios.

Independent ES9270 Audio Decoding Chip

The Hidizs SD2 features the advanced ES9270 audio decoding chip from ESS™ Technology, showcasing a patented 32-bit HyperStream®II QUAD DACTM architecture. With PCM up to 384kHz/DSD128 support and an integrated SABRE headphone amplifier, it delivers a powerful output of up to 70mW+70mW@32Ω. Boasting exceptional parameters such as 0.0015% distortion, a 118dB signal-to-noise ratio, and 64dB separation, the SD2 ensures a balanced, clear, and expressive sound in a broad soundstage. Designed for Hi-Res audio streaming, it aims to bring superior audio quality to mainstream users.

New Generation Aluminum Alloy Mecha Design

SD2 boasts a cutting-edge aluminum alloy chassis crafted with a unique etching technique, creating a striking Mecha style appearance with sharp lines and geometric shapes. This visually stunning design not only enhances the device's aesthetic appeal but also reflects a high level of craftsmanship.The carefully angled 3.5mm audio jack, inclined at 45 degrees, optimizes the mobile audio decoding amp experience, seamlessly combining style and functionality. Its compact and lightweight build, weighing a mere 6 grams, ensures exceptional portability, allowing for minimal disruption in your daily activities, whether you're gaming, commuting, or on the move

Elevate Your Audio Experience Across Multi Platforms with Zero Delay

Hidizs SD2 enhances audio output on various devices, offering a seamless experience for multimedia and gaming. Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, HarmonyOS, and more, it ensures zero-delay joy with wired headphones—simply plug in, play, and immerse yourself in sound.

* Hidizs Official Online Store Edition include complimentary iPhone Lightning to Type-C cable with OTG function to support iOS

*Dealer Edition exclude iPhone Lightning to Type-C cable with OTG function.

Hidizs Style Sample Rate Indicator

Despite its compact design, the SD2 retains the sample rate indicator providing an intuitive display of the current audio file's sample rate.Hidizs, known for incorporating sample rate indicators in models like S3, S8, S9, and others, has gained favor among users.

Red Color: PCM 44.1-48kHz

Blue Color: PCM 88.2-384kHz & DSD128

Built-in EQ Sound Adjustment in Multiple Music Apps Support

SD2 is compatible with the built-in EQ sound adjustment features of various mainstream music apps. This functionality allows it to bypass the integrated audio processing of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, providing a genuine, high-fidelity audio experience by decoding and outputting Hi-Res and other high-quality audio files.

Hi-Res Certification

Hi-Res AUDIO is the abbreviation of High Resolution AUDIO, which means high-resolution audio. The Hi-Res logo is also known as the "Small Golden Label" features gold text on a black background. All Hidizs products have passed the Hi-Res audio certification, signifying that the audio performance of these products meets the specifications set by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) for Hi-Res. According to JEITA standards, analog audio frequency response must reach 20Hz-40KHz, while digital audio sampling rates should be at least 96KHz/24 bit.




DAC Chip:



Native DSD64/128


Support up to 384kHz/32Bit

Output option:

Single-ended 3.5mm

Audio parameters

Test Conditions @32Ω Load

Frequency Response:


Distortion: PO (3.5):


Signal-to-noise ratio: PO (3.5):


Separation: PO (3.5):


Output power:

Up to 70mW+70mW SE 3.5mm