HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X – new DACs, more functions and portability

HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X – new DACs, more functions and portability

Today I would like to review Hidizs latest incarnation of the very popular AP80 DAP series — AP80 PRO-X. There was a couple of revisions of AP80 in the past, mostly dedicated to physical user experience, but AP80 PRO-X inherits the best features of its predecessor (AP80 PRO) and makes a huge leap of a completely different nature — Pro version brings a balanced circuit with the additional 2.5mm audio output and more power to drive higher loads…

AP80 PRO-X, being the latest generation, takes a huge leap and represents the most of the ultra-portable HiRES DAP nowadays. It inherited all the virtues of all previous generations, also comes with more polished and stable FW, incorporates huge amount of modern features and visually appeals too. It is balanced, powerful enough to drive all types of IEMs, earbuds and even some large overheads. Can’t even imagine which other new virtues would Hidizs introduce in the next generation in case if AP80 PRO-X is planned for future upgrades. It is already hell lot of powerhouse in a such tiny package. 

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