Pros and Cons of Various Headphones



February 07, 2022


Headphones fall into two categories: headsets and earphones. Headsets are further divided into circumaural and supra-aural headphones. Earphones, on the other hand, can be divided into earbuds and in-ear earphones, with notable differences between the two major categories. Let's see how to pick the right one for you. We’ll be mainly looking at wired headphones, leaving Bluetooth options aside.  




Headphones are generally classified as Dynamic /DD, Planer magnetic /PM, Electrostatic, and more; they also vary in terms of AMT, mixing, and other sound modes, with similar special features. 


Pros: large sounding area, wide and full sound field, and range. 


Cons: bulky and inconvenient to carry around. 


Most professional-grade headphones are tough to drive, and a larger headphone amp is needed. 


Electrostatic earphones are very expensive and require special amplifiers to drive them, so they can't be taken out and about. Electrostatic earphones are also delicate and easy to damage.


Supra-aural headphones have a particular type of distortion, and the sound cohesion is not as great as other headphones in the same price range. 


Headphones are generally more suitable for home systems, which often involve additional costs, such as the purchase of audio wires and other accessories.  



In-ear earphones mainly include the following types:


dynamic driver, Balance armature/BA, flat, and hybrid. Electrostatic headphones are typically hybrid because the electrostatic (electrostatic/ EST) unit can only support higher frequencies sounds.


Earbuds are mostly dynamic driver earphones. 


Pros: access to external sounds; natural and stretched out sounds; relatively low price 


Cons: lack of sound insulation; narrow range selection; response range inferior to in-ear earphones and headphones.  


In-ears have many advantages in comparison:


1. Smaller size and diversified sound. 

2. Various combinations are available to meet personalized needs

3. Outstanding noise cancellation despite their compact size 

4. The wide price range for different budgets

5. Customizable for different ear canals 

6. Proximity to the eardrum allows for better bass and treble reception, easily producing a Hi-Res effect 


    In-ears do have shortcomings, however, such as tightness of wear and resultant inability of wearers to respond to external sounds in their surrounding environment. You need the right ear tips for the best experience. Earphones worn around the ear require practice to get them just right. Because of the tight seal, they are not suitable for users with moist ear canals or other ear conditions.   


    Regardless of your preference, you need to match them with high-quality audio players to get the full effect. When wearing headphones outdoors, consider matching them with high-performance headphone amplifiers, such as the HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X audio player, which delivers a better drive with the DH80 decoding amp. Of course, because AP80 PRO-X supports Bluetooth 4.2, they can also be used with Bluetooths or True Wireless headsets. 


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    HIDIZS in-ears are equipped with silicone ear tips that come in two specifications, with three different sizes for each, to accommodate different needs. We highly recommend the Hidizs MS2 and MS4 in-ears, as the MS2 is available for only $89


    You can experience genuine High Definition delivered by the composite iron loop headphones, while the MS4 delivers powerful bass and breath of sound.