Self-tuning Magneto-static IEMS, HIDIZS Mermaid Series MM2



June 22, 2022

The current demand for electrostatic headphones is at an all-time high, they have extremely thin diaphragms, accurate to the micron, and have high DC voltage polarity which requires alternating current conversion.  Their response time is unreal, replays a variety of tiny details, and has minimal distortion. This is why so many people choose them - but they don’t come cheap. The HIDIZS MM2 is available for only $84.99, in keeping with our commitment to delivering high value. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the MM2!    







HIDIZS and South Korea BSE Acoustics customized 6mm low-voltage electrostatic electret unit, Hidizs proprietary polymer PEK Composite diaphragm monocular + dual magnetic circuit, dual cavity 10.2mm large dynamic coil unit. The micron-level electrostatic unit diaphragm is ultra-thin and ultra-light, with excellent comprehensive equalization driving capability, which means better control for the smallest point on the diaphragm, so that different frequency bands perform better. The dynamic driver delivers a vivid soundstage and bass.


hidizs mm2



Packaging and accessories


HIDIZS MM2 comes with 3 pairs of silicone ear tips, and 2 pairs of tuning valves. Plus a Napa-patterned style polyurethane headphone storage holster with tough and tender textures in the right places. Scoring high on style and practicality.


hifi in-ear monitors



Exterior design


Compared to traditional in-ear monitors, the body of the unit is see-through. The face panel is made of aluminum alloy, shaped into a diamond, with defined geometric angles. Seen from afar, it resembles a dazzling black diamond. There is a miniature vent where the tuning valve is to be applied. When the tuning valve is inserted, the MS2 appears glamorously star-studded.


User experience


The customized resin body is ergonomically designed to fit the pinna and can be worn for prolonged periods without stress to the ear canal.


Great Sound Quality


The HIDIZS MM2 sounds crisp and clear, full of vibrant details. The treble is beautiful without jarring rises, and no impact on the clarity of details. The balanced sound is smooth and stable, with warm vocals, flawless speed and clarity. The bass is equally outstanding, with distinctive texture, gradation and separation. Snug fit for immersive live experience, courtesy of the electrostatic and dynamic units!


hifi music



3-in-1 Listening Experience


The customizability of the MM2 lies in its three pairs of tuning valves. The ventilation opening on the headphones keeps the pressure balanced between the inside and outside of the earbud diaphragm. This is done to prevent minor air vibration air inside the headphones from affecting the pressure inside the ear canal which, in turn, neutralizes the vibration of the audio unit, muddying the bass and contributing to its inadequacy. The MM2 put a lot into the ventilation opening for a reason.


The three tuning valvess come in three different colors: balanced rose gold, red bass and silver trebles. By changing the catheter, you can immediately change the sound style and enjoy different versions of live performances.


Get electrostatic drivers and all three distinct musical styles for $84.99!