Why do we need more than one pair of earphones for our daily life?



April 15, 2022

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Audiophiles tend to buy tons of headphones, particularly in-ear ones. We get looked at like crazy people who shouldn’t be in charge of our own money, especially when family members are involved. In this article, we are going to defend audiophiles by giving 4 reasons for having more than one pair of headphones. 

1. Versatility

Versatility. Even non-audiophiles often have at least two pairs two earphones. For instance, when connecting to a computer or home stereo, full-size headphones are better. They have powerful drivers and long cables, especially TV headphones, which range from 3-6 meters. But it’s inconvenient to take them out, so smaller earphones are needed. Take in-ear monitors (IEMs) for example, you can keep them in your pocket and they weigh as much as a couple of pennies. In addition to being lightweight, in-ear headphones are easy to power, and, at most, you’ll need a dongle or patch cord to get the best audio quality. The cable length is usually about 1.2 meters, easy enough to carry around, but also suitable for desktop computers and/or stereos. 

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On the other hand, Bluetooth wireless headphones and noise-reducing headphones have become increasingly popular, sharing the market with corded headphones and earphones. They are convenient for outdoor use but often have lackluster sound quality. Even the most expensive among them are not necessarily better than simply plugging the HIDIZS MS2 earphones into a mobile phone. You can also connect the MS2 to the S3 Pro, S9 Pro, and other amplified, which greatly amplifies the already impressive original sound quality for even more incredible audio effects. 

2. Sound Quality

Sound Quality. Not only do different earphones vary greatly in terms of sound quality (e.g. sound field, decoding, texture), even products with similar sound quality, in the same price range, will have significant differences in timbre. The 500 USD range, for instance, can be divided into two categories: classical music earphones and vocals earphones. Classical music includes small and large orchestras, and small orchestras differ in timbre depending on the instruments used. As for vocals, there are operas, male and female pop singers, jazz, folk, etc. Besides, there are distinctive genres like rock and metal. Fans of these genres need more than one type of earphone. In addition, because the listening preferences of audiophiles differ, we also need products suited to our individual listening styles. HIDIZS has plenty of earphones and combos with different timbres to choose from. 

3. Compatibility

Compatibility. Headphones powered by mobile phones will probably be the first choice for most people. The removal of the headphone jack has given rise to an endless stream of adapters, however, and some audiophiles will go with a larger decoder like the DH80s or a dedicated music player like the AP80 PRO-X for better sound quality, which can also be paired with different kinds of earphones. In addition, these DAPs, dongles, and large decoding amplifiers are super easy to use and completely manageable from your mobile phones.  

4. Audiophilic Commitment to Excellence

Audiophilic Commitment to Excellence. Bluetooth headsets have become popular largely due to the low listening requirements of casual listeners. As our income grows, however, more listeners are choosing to spend more for qualitatively better audio experiences, sound quality is the key. 

The HIDIZS AP80 series digital audio player + MS series earphones combo is able to satisfy the needs of 90% of all listeners. The search for excellence doesn't stop, however, and listeners will want better and better sound. This is why high-end headphones and music players worth a thousand dollars will always have a place on the market. To meet this rising demand, HIDIZS has also launched the DH80/DH80S large decoder dongles to improve the sound quality of AP80 series music players, in addition to the more advanced MS5 multi-unit ring iron hybrid earphones. Our sincerest wish and constant pursuit are to give our supporters a better music experience for less.  

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Audiophiles buy earphones and other audio devices like women buy clothes and make-up - we are simply trying to become better versions of ourselves! Please show us the same understanding that you would give to the rest of the world!