HIDIZS DH80S Review (DAC & Amp)

HIDIZS DH80S Review (DAC & Amp)

In person, the DH80S looks a lot more compact and beautifully made:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Review Balanced Headphone Amplifier.jpg

It comes in a number of other colors from red to blue which is nice. The other side has a leatherette finish of sorts. Here are the outputs and simple to navigate controls:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Review Battery Balanced Headphone Amplifier.jpg

HIDIZS DH80S Measurements
Let's start with our usual dashboard:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements HP Balanced Headphone Amplifier.png

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier.png

This is excellent performance for a portable DAC, ranking almost as good as our top tier desktop DACs:

best portable dac amp reviewed 2021.png

Dynamic range at full output is also very good but not so at 50 mv output:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements DNR Balanced Headphone Amplifier.png

The 50 mv is almost too low to be right. I adjusted the levels on the unit itself to get down to 50 mv.

Jitter test is also very clean and much better than majority of "thumbdrive" sized DACs:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements Jitter Balanced Headphone Amplifier.png

The filter rolls off a bit early though:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements Filter Balanced Headphone Amplifier.png

Multitone shows off its very low distortion:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements Multitone Balanced Headphone Amplifier.png

I can't run sweep tests like IMD due to software incompatibility of my analyzer with this class of USB audio devices. So let's move onto power tests of the headphone starting with 300 ohm load:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements HP Power into 300 ohm Balanced Headphone Amplifier.png

The height of the graph is likely not correct due to the incompatibility with the device I mentioned. But maximum power is accurate and here we have a lot of it for the class:

Most powerful headphone amplifier review 300.png

Same story at 32 ohm:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements HP Power into 32 ohm Balanced Headphone Amplifier.png

Most powerful headphone amplifier review 32.png

Sweeping for load we get:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements HP Power vs load Balanced Headphone Amplifier.png

And unbalanced output:

Hidizs DH80S DAC Measurements HP Power vs load unbalanced Headphone Amplifier.png

Headphone Listening Tests
I started my test using Sennheiser HD650 using unbalanced output. Here there was enough power for everyday use but this headphone could definitely use more. So I switched its cable to balanced and now we were talking! Dynamic range was excellent as was detail and overall fidelity. No, it is not desktop class in that it won't make your skull resonate but for practical use, you have the power you need on the go.

I then switched to Ether Drop CX, again using balanced output. I was pleased to get enough power to get loud and enjoyable. It would get distorted though if you maxed out the volume on this tough load.

The DH80S is well built and featured. I like the manual tactical buttons, up down volume control, and flexibility and power of balanced output in addition to unbalanced. Distortion and noise at full output is extremely good for a portable device. The only low point was the noise level at 50 mv output. Not sure if that is an instrumentation problem or device. Assuming the latter, very sensitive IEMs may be noisy.

I am happy to recommend the HIDIZS DH80S for a portable DAC and Amplifier. With inclusion of battery it will not suck power from your source, allowing for plenty of playback time.

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