AP80 Pro: Best Hifi Music Player On The Market?



July 22, 2021

Thinking of getting a Hifi Music Player? Why not try the AP 80 Pro?


How’s The Sound?


The AP80 Pro is optimized for different music genres.


The AP80 Pro is a powerful player and produces a very detailed natural sound signature which is slightly on the neutral side; we wouldn’t consider it a warm sound but, instead, would categorize it as clean with a darker background sound.


Using power hungry or sensitive headphones is not a problem as there is no detectable hiss. In addition to the EQ settings, there are also gain settings to help with personal preference and drive-ability.


The general sound signature is very pleasant sounding with a slightly neutral nature, all third-party reviewers have been impressed with the accessibility of the overall signature and maintain that it works well with all manner of musical styles and audio formats.


What About Compatibility? 


For those in the know, the AP 80 Pro packs quite a punch and supports a comprehensive selection of audio formats.


AP 80 Pro uses a dedicated FPGA chip - the HBC3000 - which handles jitter and noise correction well; its chipset can also decode native DSD formats 64/128/256.


Once you switch the DSD from standard formats, the player transitions effortlessly and there is no detectable CPU or component overheating.


Bidirectional Bluetooth 4.2 is similarly supported to help with direct streaming, as well as standard Bluetooth headphone pairing.


Implementing Hiby’s UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) codec format will activate support for a 192kHz sample rate and 1.2Mbps bitrate; Sony LDAC and APT-X are also supported!


How Does It Look?


The build quality finish is precise and solid, buttons are strong and give good firm resistance when you push down on them.


Placed intuitively, the main operation buttons play/pause, next/previous buttons work well and can be used one handed without looking if necessary.


The volume dial is also easy to use; its recessed design with a pronounced grip means that you can adjust the volume with one hand in no time at all.


The HD IPS screen is highly responsive and the selection areas are precise, so it does respond as expected.


Supporting both Single Ended 3.5mm ports and balanced 2.5 mm ports, as well as the Type C data port, the AP80 Pro’s enclosure machining around the ports and overall build is of the highest standard, with a slick aesthetic.


Looked at from the sides, the AP 80 Pro is machined with elegant looking angles, making it visually appealing no matter which perspective you’re looking at it from.


The player also comes with a silicon type protective case; the AP 80 Pro comes in Red, Blue, Black, Gold and Silver.


Charge/Playing Time? 


Charging takes around 1 hour and the player can play continuously for around 8 to 10 hours, this will suffice for even the heaviest of users.




Coming in at USD 168.99, it’s hard to find a better value than the AP 80 Pro on the market, given it’s a killer combination of sound, features, design and functionality.


Check it out today!

Available at: https://www.hidizs.net/products/ap80-pro-fully-balanced-lossless-music-player