June 06, 2023

This is an in-ear monitor that is different from the common headphones or earphones on the audio products market. The HIDIZS MS3 HIFI IEMs feature the custom-designed Dual Magnetic Circuit & Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver, along with the Knowles SWFK-31736 Balanced Armature Driver (2-in-1 structure), embodying the classic 1DD+2BA configuration. Meticulously crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy using CNC and three-dimensional carving techniques, the MS3 IEMs showcases an exquisite design. It introduces HIDIZS Pneumatic Sound Tubes for personalized sound signatures. With precise frequency division control and professional tuning by the acoustic laboratory of HIDIZS, the MS3 IEMs ensures exceptional high-fidelity audio reproduction. The cables are made with high-purity oxygen-free copper wire cores (supporting interchangeable 0.78mm/2PIN cables) and are accompanied by a comprehensive range of accessories. With Hi-Res certification, the MS3 IEMs offers an extended frequency response range of 20Hz-40kHz, the real audiophile product.

2BA+1DD: The HIDIZS Dual Magnetic Circuit & Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver and the Knowles SWFK-31736 Balanced Armature driver

HIDIZS developed a proprietary 10.2mm Dual Magnetic Circuit & Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver with a bio-nanofiber composite diaphragm for MS3 IEMs. This design provides a higher magnetic induction intensity, enhancing the dynamic driver's transient performance and energy conversion efficiency. The dual magnetic circuit ensures stable operation, while the dual cavity design delivers powerful and elastic bass response, clear and pure vocals, and precise mid-frequency reproduction. The Knowles SWFK-31736 Balanced Armature Driver is responsible for the output of high frequency and extremely high frequency. This is Knowles classic BA driver for IEMs. The high-frequency output is clear and bright, with good ductility, bringing a vast auditory experience like endless light.

Aesthetic HIDIZS-Style custom design, aviation aluminum alloy artwork

The MS3 IEMs was constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for its shell, showcasing a strong sense of technology. The idea of design follows the HIDIZS family style, incorporating ergonomic principles to perfectly fit the contours of the ear and provide comfortable long-term wear. The shell undergoes precision CNC carving, presenting a three-dimensional shape resembling flames and resembling the black angel wing style of the MS5 IEMs(VIEW MORE), demonstrating a coherent characteristic with high recognition and dynamic appeal. The overall appearance is treated with anodization, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness.

Have fun with HIDIZS Pneumatic Sound Tube

Since the introduction of the HIDIZS Pneumatic Sound Tube idea, HIDIZS IEMs has gained widespread recognition among audiophiles. By simply replacing the pneumatic sound tube, you can experience almost a completely new auditory sensation with the same configuration, adding more versatility to your listening experience. Therefore, the MS3 IEMs is equipped with three interchangeable pneumatic sound tubes, allowing you to achieve distinctive sound signatures for high frequency, balanced, and low frequency responses by adjusting the airflow direction in the cavity. With different pneumatic sound tubes, you can enjoy various genres of music, amplifying the joy of music with just one pair of earphones, even using the same music player and listening to the same music.

Balanced Frequency - Gold: Showcasing normal style, suitable for pop and folk music.

High Frequency - Silver: Enhancing smoothness, perfect for ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) and small ensembles.

Low Frequency - Red: Packed with powerful energy, ideal for rock and heavy metal music.

The target frequency curve of 20Hz-40kHz

In order to achieve greater precision in the frequency response of the three drivers in the MS3 IEMs, HIDIZS has redesigned the frequency division and implemented tantalum capacitors for frequency division control. Tantalum capacitors offer higher frequency response and lower equivalent series resistance (ESR), resulting in clearer and more accurate sound reproduction.

Thanks to the high-precision frequency division control and professional acoustic tuning, the MS3 IEMs achieves an extended frequency response range of 20Hz-40kHz which is certificated by HiRes, surpassing the typical range of 20Hz-20kHz found in regular earphones. This wider range provides enhanced resolution, better high-frequency extension, and a broader soundstage performance. Through meticulous tuning and multiple G.R.A.S artificial ear measurements for accuracy verification, the frequency response curve of the MS3 IEMs closely aligns with the target curve, with the difference regression line approaching a horizontal position. This enables the MS3 IEMs to faithfully reproduce the true sound quality of the audio source, delivering a genuine and natural high-fidelity listening experience.

Oxygen-free copper cable with 192 wire, 0.78mm/2PIN standard plug

The MS3 IEMs utilizes high-purity oxygen-free copper wire, with each individual wire core having a diameter of 0.08mm. The cable is tightly woven from 192 strands of oxygen-free copper wire. It has a diameter of 6mm and a length of 1.2 meters, and is equipped with a gold-plated 3.5mm or 4.4mm plug(the DH80S supports 4.4mm audio output) for choosing. This low-impedance, high-transmission-efficiency cable effectively reduces reflection and attenuation, ensuring clear and accurate signal transmission and delivering pure and natural sound reproduction. Additionally, the cable's woven structure provides excellent durability and resistance to tangling, making it convenient for carrying and daily use.

The cable features a 0.78mm dual-pin connector, compatible with most standard earphone sockets and all HIDIZS brand earphones. The MS3 IEMs can be used with most aftermarket upgrade cables or Bluetooth adapters.

Hi-Res certification

Hi-Res AUDIO is short for High-Resolution AUDIO, the widely recognized in the audiophile community. All HIDIZS products (music player/ amplify/ IEMs) including the MS3 IEMs have certificated by Hi-Res, indicating that their audio performance meets the Hi-Res specifications established by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) and delivers high-quality audio experience. According to JEITA standards, analog audio frequency response needs to reach 40kHz or above, while digital audio sampling rates should be 96kHz/24bit or higher.