H1 Review - Head-Fi

H1 Review - Head-Fi

Pros: Comfortable design
Good sound tuning
Good value

Cons: Very limited volume adjustment on the BT cable
Included ear tips
Shells can be large for some
Sound is well tuned but average in technical abilities
Battery time
IPX5 rate is only for the cable


The H1 consists of basically the MS1 Rainbow earphone with a Bluetooth cable instead of a standard 3.5mm cable. The earphones are apparently a remake of the original MS1 Mermaid version, now made entirely of resin instead of metal, making it a more affordable option. While the MS1 Rainbow is available in a nice variety of colors, the H1 is limited to black or white. Build quality is about average, which is decent for the price. The resin plastic shells do not look too thick. They consist of two pieces, the main inner part and the faceplate, and the semi-translucent color allows seeing the drivers inside. The nozzle is of aluminum and gold-plated with a standard diameter that should fit many aftermarket eartips.

The earpieces are very light and rather hollow with just a single dynamic driver. They have a very specific shape that intends to give a more ergonomic natural fit, found on a few other earphones, with a long and angled nozzle. They are fairly comfortable and fit very snugly in the ears with no need to readjust them every now and then. However, they are a bit large; and maybe unnecessarily large considering that there is just a single driver inside. I don’t have too tiny ears but the H1 can cause a little of extra pressure around the outer ear part. Isolation is about average, probably because of the two vents placed on the inner side of the earphones.

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