H2 Review - Head-Fi

H2 Review - Head-Fi

Pros: Very small size and weight.
- Bluetooth codecs.
- Connectivity capability.
- Very simple, effective and faultless use. Great performance.
- Surprising sound for its specifications.
- Maximum volume reproduction free of distortion.
Cons: Limited power and signal-to-noise ratio


The H2 is Hidizs' answer to one of the most versatile products of the year. It is a DAC/Amp Bluetooth receiver, capable of being controlled by a APP. In this occasion the famous brand founded in 2009, breaks the deck with an unbeatable small size. Furthermore, it integrates NFC for easy pairing, microphone, 3 control buttons, a multicolor LED, Bluetooth 5.0 and the best Bluetooth codecs. It all looks very good, doesn't it? Yes, even its pre-sale price is. What else does this small device hide? Well, we'll see about that later.

Packaging, Content, Construction and Design

The Hidizs H2 comes in a smooth, matt, black cardboard box, measuring 108x108x52mm. It is covered with protective transparent cellophane. On the top, the H2 is drawn with its outlines, in a darker engraving. In the corners there is the brand, model and other logos, in silver holographic ink. On the back, the features are specified, in Chinese and English, with the same silver ink. It does not look like the box of something so small and after removing it, the surprise is consumed. The H2 comes packed in cellophane and a cloth band allows it to be unwrapped from the protective mould. Under it, a cardboard cover that, after being lifted, shows the rest of the accessories. In short:

USB type-C to USB cable.
Translucent plastic case with rear clip.
User's manual.
Warranty card.
USB Type-C to Type-C cable

A cloth bag is missing to protect it from scratches or blows. Although the content is correct. The protective casing with clip is suitable and very useful for using the H2 as a hands-free device. The type-C to type-C USB cable is somewhat rigid and when bent has taken on that shape.


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