Hidizs MD4 Review - 4 Sound Sig for the price of one?

Hidizs MD4 Review - 4 Sound Sig for the price of one?

Hidizs MD4


Hidizs was founded in 2009, and since then, they have been producing high-quality products which garnered a lot of positive feedback from fellow audiophiles. Today I have the MD4 with me, it is a 4 custom balanced armature developed and tuned by Hidizs.One BA for the high frequencies, one BA for the mids, and two BA for the lows.

On top of that, you also get 4 types of tuning which is adjustable via the switches on the IEM itself. This is all done via electronic crossover.


Premium, premium, premium! I have to say it thrice because it looks very premium.
Upon unboxing the MD4, I am greeted with an abundance of ear tips, in fact, three types of ear tips all with three sizes, so there isn’t a reason why you can’t find a suitable size for your ears.

The brown storage case has a “leather-ish” look and it feels very sturdy and classy looking. I am very sure whichever IEM you store inside, they are bound to have good protection from the storage case.


MD4’s build quality is superb, from the unboxing experience until holding the IEM, it screams premium all the way! The faceplate is handmade according to Hidizs, the frame is made out of aluminum alloy with rose gold framing, and even the nozzle itself is using aluminum alloy as well. There is certainly nothing that seems or looks cheap on MD4.

The shell size is slightly bigger than most of the IEMs I own, but in terms of fitting and comfort-wise, I have no issues with them at all, comfortable to listen to for several hours without feeling discomfort, no weird edges that cause discomfort to my ears.

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