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Design & Build Quality


For a sub-$200 IEM, I have to say that Hidizs nailed it with the MD4. There are now plenty of very good-looking in-ears from China and above, in this price range, but with its multi-layer design and glossy faceplate, the MD4 looks quite catchy. If available in three different colors, Black, White, and Indigo, I received them in the last variation and was quite impressed by how cohesive the whole shell appears in real life.

It’s a lot like the first generation FiiO FH5 / FH7, minus the ripple design, which is a really nice thing if you ask me. And, if you look closely, you’ll see that the rose gold tinted plate, intertwined between the outer and inner shell, matches the nozzle which also gets the same finish. A nice gimmick, enhanced by the golden logo, emblazoned on the faceplate, so everyone can see where your new IEM comes from Hidizs.

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Build quality

And the brand would be right to chest out: it’s a really well-built IEM. The casing itself is quite robust, even if the Hidizs MD4 feels a bit light in the end – but who wants a heavy-weighting earphone – they don’t crack and don’t feel prone to break if you let them fall. Even the faceplate, which is made of acrylic and not aluminum like the main body, feels confidently thick, like any premium IEM should be.

But, once again, this isn’t a premium IEM, the MD4 is available for just 200 bucks. A lot for chi-fi I know, but for an established brand, making audiophile products, that’s not a lot of money. The only other IEM I could think of that outperforms the MD4 while being cheaper, would be the FiiO FD3 Pro, but this one tends to be less and less available where I live…

The only drawback in my opinion would be the 2-pin socket. I know that Hidizs added a little lid, to help you fit the cable more tightly and avoid unwanted pressure on the socket – brilliant idea by the way – but I’m still a bit unsure about that, compared to MMCX. Time will tell!



In the ears

With a semi-custom design and lightweight braided cable, the Hidizs MD4 feels quite good in the ear. The design isn’t perfect, as I could still feel some (very) slight hindrance above the nozzle, but in the long run, it’s still a solid alternative once properly paired with the right tips.

I tried a few of them but always ended up with the regular one, mid-size: the basic of the basic. On top of that, Hidizs bundled the MD4 with a very good cable, so you should be good for a long time.


Noise insulation is very good but some high-pitched sounds still managed to pierce the various layers of the IEM. That said, once you play some music, the noise disappears and allows you to enjoy your songs in the best conditions. If you want to get a little more isolated, go for the foam.

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