HIDIZS MM2 Mermaid IEMs ——Magnetostatic Dynamic Combo

HIDIZS MM2 Mermaid IEMs ——Magnetostatic Dynamic Combo


HIDIZS is a large and trustworthy company from China with a varied and rich offering of products available for music lovers. They usually make entry-level products with affordable and pocket-friendly prices, and they also make good price-performance ratio products. While in In the past, there were some products that were more problematic, most of their newly released products had had no issues, and HIDIZS seems to be on a roll with launching and releasing high-quality products for affordable prices. HIDIZS has a personalized website where you can order their products as well.


The full package includes:
-MM2IEMs Cable
-Leather Carrying Case
-Normal Tips-3 Pairs
-Tuning Valve-3 Pairs
-Warranty Card

Build Quality/Aesthetics/Fit/Comfort

HIDIZS MM2 is a unique IEM try for HIDIZS because they adopted a new driver architecture, with a hybrid design between a dynamic driver 10.2mm in size, and with one Magnetostatic driver that can be driven at low voltages. It looks like HIDIZS has that developed in-house, as a result of a joint collaboration between them and Korea BSE and uses a PEK polymer diaphragm for the dynamic driver, also developed in-house.

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