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The Hidizs MS 1 Galaxy are incredible headphones ,designed with a popular tuning, making it ideal for casual use.

The Hidizs MS 1 Galaxy are incredible headphones, designed with a popular tuning, making it ideal for casual use.

It offers a V-shaped tuning that delivers a substantial amount of bass without overpowering the overall sound. This earphone provides a fun, warm, and slightly dark sound signature, perfect for casual listening to a wide range of music genres.

The mid-bass is prominently emphasized so it is important to note that neutrality and tonal accuracy may not be its strongest points. However, you can still enjoy various music genres unless you’re in a highly critical mood. The bass is rich, weighty, impactful, and dynamic, exhibiting good control and speed for an entry-level earphone. Although it may not be the fastest or most controlled bass, it avoids being sluggish or bloated.

When the bass line is relatively simple, the layering and definition are satisfying. However, it may struggle to keep up and accurately follow more complex bass lines.

The transition to the midrange is quite smooth, although the midrange itself is not very prominent. However, it remains clear and well-defined without being overshadowed by the mid-bass. The overall tonal balance is slightly uneven, but vocals and instruments are still reproduced with strong intensity and a substantial presence, although they may lack a bit in harmonic richness. The upper midrange is more noticeable than the lower midrange, but it is not overly emphasized to the point of sounding harsh or piercing.

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