Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - Chris Love

Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - Chris Love

The actual look & design is one of the highlights of the MS1 Galaxy if you ask me. They look almost chic, trendy, even bougie and definitely stylish.

I don’t think you need some ultra-powerful dongle dac if this is your favorite way of listening. However, I mainly used Hidzs’ own Hidizs S9 Pro because I think the MS1 reacts very well with the source tonality. The S9 Pro with its ES9238Q2M dac chip has just the right amount of neutrality and dynamism to really help the MS1 to sound nice.

I find the Hidizs MS1 to have a nicely warm, relaxed and easy going sound which comes across as warm V-shaped to L-shaped tonal color to me. The sound is very much weighted and thick across the mix with a dense and full note structure.

$15 is pretty darn cheap friends and it’s nice to fill your collection with different sound signatures. To answer for myself I’d say absolutely! I enjoy this type of sound.


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