Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - cqtek

Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - cqtek

The capsules are medium sized, made of high density German Makrolon resin, with a very good finish. They have the classic semi-custom shape in the shape of an African continent. Their outer face has a very well achieved holographic pattern, on which is the Hidizs logo in silver ink.

The profile of the Hidizs MS1 Galaxy could be summed up as a warm V, with a smooth transition between mid-high and first treble. The mid-bass is emphasised, with a good level of energy in the sub-bass.

Their performance for the price is good and they may be a first choice for those looking for powerful bass, but without losing the rest of the frequencies, offering a more all-round suitability than other rivals, as well as a smooth, attractive and melodious sound. Also not to be overlooked is its high level of ergonomics, its fit is durable and firm, with a negligible weight. All these features emphasise its value as an IEMS for daily multidisciplinary use, thanks also to the choice of a more than acceptable cable with microphone.


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