HIDIZS MS1-Galaxy Review - Pietro

HIDIZS MS1-Galaxy Review - Pietro

“HIDIZS MS1-Galaxy is tuned based on the B&K HATS target frequency response curve, following the H-2019 target frequency response curve guidelines. The tuning process is conducted by highly skilled acoustic engineers at the HIDIZS Acoustic Laboratory, involving extensive adjustments and critical listening sessions. This scientific and psychological acoustic fusion results in a perfectly balanced sound signature that delivers an exceptional listening experience. The MS1-Galaxy boasts an incredibly wide full-range frequency response, providing outstanding audio performance across all ranges.”

I have to admit that they sound pretty good for the asking price. Do they leave you speechless? Maybe not, but personally, at this price, it’s difficult to ask for more. What could be achieved with a different tuning is certainly something more in terms of detail in the treble region.  Surprisingly, the soundstage is slightly more open than average.



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