MS1 Rainbow Review - HEADFONICS

MS1 Rainbow Review - HEADFONICS

The Hidizs MS1-Rainbow is a single 10.2mm polymer bio-diaphragm driver universal IEM with an external multicolored high-density resin and aluminum design. It is priced at $65 but currently on offer at $54.60.

Disclaimer: The Hidizs MS1-Rainbow sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at Hidizs for giving us this opportunity.

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Another month, another Hidizs IEM to review and I couldn’t be happier. The life of an audiophile is a good one, at least…for my ear’s sake. Today, we will be taking a gander at the MS1-Rainbow.

At such a budget-friendly price of only $65, I am extremely excited to “hear” what this little guy has to offer amid the chaos and froth of incredible budget-oriented headphones in the market today!

Note: this model comes in a variety of colors: Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink, and Transparent Red. I had no clue which I was going to receive for the review, but I am fond of Purple and wish I had that one, hah!

Packaging & Accessories
A standard cardboard box with some design on the top. Inside, a set of light and dark IEM tips to choose from. I’ve found each of them to sound great and each offers a slightly varied sound result.

I’ll be using the tips highlighted in the image below which fit my ear best. No case included. To be honest, as I always say with budget-tier stuff like this, I don’t care for a lot of accessories and I actually don’t want them included. Keep the price down, that is the aim of the product.

It is nice to have a spare little case, but truly? We are audiophiles and likely have a bunch of them already. The general consumer might want more things included though, but at this price, the package is fairly standard and that is just fine.


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