MS2 Review - GadgetExplained

MS2 Review - GadgetExplained

Most dual driver iems are, typically, configured to have one balanced armature (BA) driver for the higher frequencies and a single coil dynamic driver for the lower frequencies. The Hidizs Mermaid MS2 iem uses this same dual driver configuration (using a Knowles RAD 33518 BA driver) but, instead of single coil dynamic driver, the 10.2mm dynamic driver inside the Hidizs MS2 uses two voice coils and two diaphragms, which effectively makes the Hidizs MS2 function like a triple driver iem!

The Hidizs MS2 dual coil dynamic driver splits the bass and midrange frequencies between the two coils, resulting in clear vocals and lively, well defined deep tones, which you can easily recognize when listening to electronic music that has beats, piano, vocals or drums in it.

The Hidizs MS2 do a good job at letting you hear the lower bass frequencies (sub-bass and mid-bass), which you typically can't when the bass is boomy/ overemphasized. Complimenting the energetic bass, it's also clean and detailed treble. The Knowles BA driver produces good instrument separation too, thanks to the wide soundstage created, which is one of the advantages you get with multi driver iems.


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