Hidizs MS5 reviews-Audio(Unboxing)

Hidizs MS5 reviews-Audio (Unboxing)

The MS5 adopts a lightweight one-piece aluminum alloy cavity design. At the beginning of the modeling, the thickness and volume of the metal were reduced as much as possible to achieve a balance of strength and weight. By anodizing the surface of the aluminum alloy cavity, a layer of aluminum oxide film is formed on the surface of the panel, which effectively improves the hardness of the cavity surface, makes the panel smoother, and reduces the residue of fingerprints. And it can reduce the harmonic resonance inside the headphone cavity, reduce distortion, and make the audio signal output cleaner and more stable.

Compared to the previous model MD4, the cable of MS5 has been upgraded. A total of 504 6N single crystal copper silver-plated wires and 8 strands of 6N single crystal copper wires are mixed to form a tightly braided wire. The outer skin of the wire insulation layer is made of black environmentally friendly PVC material, which is soft and shiny. The 3.5mm plug is made of gold-plated copper

Hidizs MS5 is a well-researched and designed product that offers an excellent unboxing experience and plenty of quality accessories. It boasts solid build quality and a beautiful design. It has a rather interesting and different tuning, from the upper mids to the highs, which I find very pleasant and interesting to listen to.

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