Hidizs MS5 reviews- Gökhan Aydın

Hidizs MS5 reviews- Gökhan Aydın

The Hidizs MS5 shows a sound profile that combines both technicality with musicality thanks to its well-implemented Hybrid Driver configuration. It shows in general a smooth presentation from the lows to the highs, while it has a mildly warm tonality especially when switched to the BALANCED and BASS tuning filters. The bass sounds tight and fast without to show any audible midbass hump. The midrange is shown in general with a good sense of warmth, transparency and smoothness, while it sounds a slightly bit nasal that I couldn’t avoid with any Sound Tuning Filter. The treble range on the other hand is pretty pronounced, which has a good level of presence and brilliance without to sound sharp or metallic.

The Hidizs MS5 is a quite successful In-Ear Monitor for its price when it comes to the overall soundstage performance and imaging. It offers a pretty airy and expansive soundstage atmosphere, especially when you listen to it with the TREBLE Tuning Filter. The soundstage is shown with a decent sense of depth and wideness that creates good conditions for a fairly precise separation and placement of instruments and vocals.

The Hidizs MS5 is a premium looking In-Ear Monitor with its eye-catching faceplate design and robust One-Piece Aluminum alloy housing that offers a good passive noise isolation and quite comfortable fit, which comes with a stylish 8core Hybrid cable and a classy looing storage case. But the main highlight is its smooth, balanced and pretty detailed overall sound presentation that can be effectively fine-tuned with the Sound Tuning Filter.

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