Hidizs MP145 The Next Gen Customized Ultra-large Planar HiFi IEMs Launch Soon On Kickstarter

Hidizs MP145 The Next Gen Customized Ultra-large Planar HiFi IEMs Launch Soon On Kickstarter

Introducing Hidizs MP145: Next Gen Customized Ultra-large Planar HiFi IEMs Tailored to 9 Different Sound Styles - Forging a Revolutionary Connection with WDC. Proudly supporting WDC's work to protect our ocean's climate giants.

Hidizs is a highly acclaimed brand within the portable Hi-Fi audio enthusiast community, renowned for delivering exceptional audio experiences. This time, Hidizs is proud to present its latest creation soon on Kickstarter, Hidizs MP145: where immersive sound, customizable bliss collide in an IEMs. It is the world's first professional-grade HiFi In-ear Monitors that blend oceanic whale conservation with outstanding industrial design.

Beyond innovation, Hidizs launches this new project with a purpose with WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation). Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is the leading global charity dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins, and their ocean homes. As the design of the MP145 was inspired by whales, Hidizs is proudly supporting WDC’s Green Whale work and helping to raise awareness about the vital role whales play in the health of the oceans, and ultimately the planet. Learn more about these amazing animals here, and follow on social media to get updates about our partnership.

Whale Inspired Design

With WDC's(Whale and Dolphin Conservation) assistance, Hidizs drew inspiration from whales' biological features for Hidizs MP145 in-ear monitors. By seamlessly incorporating whale tail and rorqual pleat characteristics, Hidizs achieved a smooth, ergonomic shape that fits the human ear canal perfectly. Utilizing advanced molding and five-axis CNC carving, the headphone panel is divided into 3 parts with a twelve-layer milling pattern, resembling whale tail fins and pectoral flippers.

Hidizs Customized "FAST" 14.5mm Ultra-large Planar Magnetic Driver

"FAST"is the secret code of Hidizs's customized Ultra-large Planar Magnetic Driver. It features a symmetrical planar magnetic driver with a 14.5mm diaphragm diameter. This large diaphragm size offers inherent advantages in audio information and dynamic range compared to other driver types. The fully symmetrical magnetic circuit boasts a precise arrangement of 7+7 N52H magnets during mold assembly. This design ensures lower harmonic distortion, enhanced magnetic circuit efficiency, and a maximum magnetic flux of close to 1 Tesla at the magnetic gap. The result? Crystal-clear sound quality with unparalleled brilliance.

Customize Your Sonic Bliss: 3 Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filters

Through Hidizs' innovative 3 pneumatic sound tuning filter replacement technology, the MP145 offers 9 different sound styles perfectly complemented by ear tips meticulously crafted for vocal, balanced, and bass. With this cutting-edge technology, the MP145 presents a diverse selection of 9 sound styles, catering to a wide range of music genres and individual preferences. Whether it's delicate melodies, powerful bass, or a balanced blend, tailored your audio experience and immerse yourself in a world of customizable sonic bliss.

Whale-inspired Bionic Breathing: Hidden Ventilation Ports

Hidizs MP145's thoughtful design with hidden ventilation ports and ample space for its large diaphragm ensures captivating audio performance, delivering deep, immersive bass and soaring highs for an exhilarating musical experience.

Elevate Your Audio Experience on the Go with Any Smart Devices

Hidizs MP145 IEMs – sleek design meets unparalleled sound. Featuring a 14.5mm driver for astonishing clarity and expansive soundstage. Weighing under 9.5g, these lightweight IEMs ensure comfortable extended wear, making them ideal for music enthusiasts seeking portability and remarkable performance. With 104dB sensitivity, they match perfectly with any dongle DACs, music players, or smart devices. No matter mild audiophiles or music lovers or hard-core HiFi audiophiles, when listening to music on streaming platforms and playing games on multiple devices, the Hidizs MP145 will deliver a unique and exceptional audio experience.

Hidizs Tuning Style: Perfectly Aligned with H-2019 Target Curve and Live Sound Tuning

Precision calibration using B&K HAT tool and Hidizs Acoustic Lab testing ensures MP145's response curve matches H-2019 target. Utilizing HRTF and balanced response adjustments, it deepens soundstage for captivating live-like experience. Handling high and low frequencies distinctively, MP145 unveils intricate music details. Enjoy diverse genres in one pair of IEMs.

Enhanced Signal Cable and Durable Plug

Elevate Your Audio Experience with MP145's exceptional signal cable, woven from 99.9999% high-purity single-crystal oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire. This cable enhances mid-to-high frequencies, delivering remarkably clear vocals, and is a must-have for high-end headphone signal cables. Its 0.78mm 2pin connector adheres to Hi-Fi standards, ensuring reliable signal transmission. Compatible with most earphone jacks and HIDIZS units, it boasts copper-plated housing for lasting durability. Available in 3.5mm and 4.4mm versions, it offers flexibility and supports 0.78mm 2pin standard plugs. A prime choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Hidizs Liquid Silicone Ear Tips & Customized Pouch

Ergonomically designed from high-permeability liquid silicone, these tips provide a snug fit for lossless bass and improved audio quality. Includes a customized pouch for worry-free storage and extended usage.

Experience Music in Hi-Res

Certified for Hi-Res audio, the MP145 delivers unparalleled richness and detail, faithfully reproducing every nuance of your favorite tracks. Rediscover your music collection with a new level of audio experience.

Kickstarter Campaign and Beyond

The MP145 Kickstarter campaign will go live on Kickstarter soon. By backing this groundbreaking project, supporters will not only gain access to an extraordinary audio experience but also contribute to the conservation efforts of WDC.

For more information, including early-bird offers and campaign updates, please sign up and get the launch special notification.

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We are delighted to share the exciting news of the upcoming launch of Hidizs' groundbreaking first planar in-ear monitors, the Hidizs  MP145 on KICKSTARTER! As a gesture of our immense appreciation for your unwavering support and to celebrate this remarkable milestone, we are thrilled to introduce the MP145 Giveaway, giving you the chance to win the MP145 for free!

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