Get to know the Dawnwood ST08 earphones

Hidizs Dawnwood ST08

Hidizs Dawnwood ST08 are powerful earphones made of a 3.5mm Dynamic IEMs with a durable 5-axis CNC metal housing which captures exceptional sound detail. Highly recognized for its excellence by many manufacturers, the ST08 is ISO certified and also earned the SONY GP certification. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the ST08 to see what’s hiding underneath...

1# Highly connectable for enhanced music experience.

Let’s start with the look and feel of the Hidizs Dawnwood ST08. Made with a concealed cable cord, it gives a stylish design while being sturdy at the same time. Inside the cable, there is a 5N oxygen-free copper wire which offers lower impedance and a astonishing detailed sound quality. What’s more, the ST08 is also equipped with a 0.78mm two-pin detachable cable: it makes it peculiar because you can interchange the cable depending on your needs and tastes (provided that it is compatible). The idea is to give you the choice of connecting your earphones with high performing HD audio cables to enhance your music experience.

2# Resonant circuits tuning and double cavity design for HD detailed sound

Most of the earphones users say that plastic material lacks strength while metal is uncomfortable when mentioning the circuits tuning. By combining the best of the two, we made a double resonant metal-plastic rear cavity design to offer the perfect balance in terms of sound quality and comfort for your ears. The front and rear damping balance system help to reduce distortion, produce a smooth diaphragm movement and provide HD sound.

3# A unique sound quality

Composed of a 10mm Polymer composite titanium plated diaphragm, the Hidizs Dawnwood ST08 offers a very broad bandwidth with fine detail at high frequencies. It also gives a mellow sound at low frequencies and smoothes every tone for you to enjoy all your songs in a way you’ve never imagined before. It also stores an ultra high performance N52 neodymium magnet with incredible sensitivity: with the double cavity design, it can perfectly retain the sound with amazing resolution.

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