HIDIZS S3 Pro Review - HiFiManiac

HIDIZS S3 Pro Review - HiFiManiac

Bass reproduction impresses with its depth and texture. The S3 Pro renders sub-bass rumble accurately and controls it well. Mid-bass impact sounds natural with good definition on instruments like drums and bass guitar. Bloat or muddiness is not an issue here unless the recording itself is to blame.

The midrange takes a mildly forward yet completely non-fatiguing approach. There is adequate boldness in the vocals without sounding shouty or harsh. Timbre is lifelike across male and female voices, along with most instruments. Emotion and micro-details in the vocal range shine through nicely.

Treble has been tuned to offer sufficient air and detail while avoiding harshness or sibilance. Cymbals and hi-hats sound crisp without becoming splashy or overbearing. There's no obvious roll-off, but the top end does err on the polite side. This makes the S3 Pro easy to listen to over long sessions, even with brighter IEMs. However, treble heads may want a tad more energy and sparkle up top.


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