HIDIZS S8 Pro Robin Review - Prime Audio

HIDIZS S8 Pro Robin  Review -  Prime Audio

Bass notes are robust and impactful yet controlled. The bass extension is excellent and with some good IEMs or headphones, you can expect deep, gratifying rumble. I hear a hint of colouration or added warmth in the low frequencies. Still, the bass isn’t flabby in any way either – I just hear pure punchy goodness (dependent on having good IEMs/headphones of course).

The midrange has abundant clarity without any additional sharpening. Instrument separation and imaging are outstanding, resulting in organic yet highly-resolving instrument and vocal notes.

The treble is always one of my favorite aspects of the CS43131 DACs – it’s airy and has natural attack and decay but is still precise. It creates ample width in the soundstage and pinpoint imaging with crisp but sweet notes.

Overall, it has a great balance of musicality and transparency. It’s packed with details yet is smooth and has lofty, airy highs.


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