HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - Headfonia

HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - Headfonia

Build Quality

Like every product recently released by the brand, the HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus is absolutely flawless in this regard. Made of one solid piece of “aerospace-grade aluminum”, cut through a CNC machine, the DAC shows an immaculate, screw-less design, from top to bottom, that makes it a little more posh than the S9 Pro 1st gen. On the other hand, while some will appreciate the new buttons, I have to say that I prefer the volume buttons, as they offer better handling and greater precision.


Like every modern DAC, the HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus can be connected to most digital sources with ease. I tried it on my PC (Windows 10), MacBook (OSX), iPhone with a ddHiFi TC28i, iPad – with the provided USB-C port – and finally the Hidizs AP80Pro-X: all worked flawlessly.

Overall signature

In fact, paired with the Svanar, in balanced mode, the S9 Pro Plus achieved some impressive results, especially in the higher end of the spectrum, even if power remains a bit too low to properly drive this insane IEM. Paired with the Beyer though, the IEM outputs crystal clear highs and powerful lows, even at low to medium volume levels, in single-ended mode.


“Third time's the charm”. With the S9 Pro Plus, Hidizs gives us another great addition to the ever evolving S9 range, with a device that doesn’t fundamentally differs from the previous version sonically speaking, but perfects all the other aspects, at an even lower price range.


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