HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Review - Justin Merrill

HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Review - Justin Merrill

BASS: By the power of the gods, the Martha delivers great quantity of mid bass punch and sub bass rumble! It's not the most dynamic or tactile but it upmost delivers and is just north of neutral. I would consider it a little “bass boosted”. This isn’t a good or bad thing it just makes a little more musical and fun sounding. The Martha brings the bass! It may not the most dynamic bass, but it’s well done and very engaging.

The midrange is right where it should be and has a nice balance. Vocals are not too “in your face” and the middle frequency has a nice balance in the sound spectrum. The midrange of the Pro Martha has never left me wanting for more or wanting or less. The middle, low, and high range are very well done and strike a nice balanced for all styles of music.

The treble is very well done and has zero sibilance that became tiring to me after long listening sessions. The S9 Pro Martha has plenty of micro and macro details in the treble and highs for its price range. For its price point I have no complaints about the treble and high range side of the spectrum, it’s very well controlled. The treble never sounds too rolled off or lacking in extension and technicalities, but the treble can come off as edgy from time to time with the green filter selected. Form a single chip its “damn good” if you ask me. The six different digital filters are a nice touch if you want to change up its sound to more of your liking.

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