Hidizs S9 PRO Balanced & Single-Ended Mini HiFi DAC & Amp Review – Power Hour

Hidizs S9 PRO Balanced & Single-Ended Mini HiFi DAC & Amp Review – Power Hour

In contrast to most other dongles does the Hidizs S9 PRO offers two different circuits: a single-ended output through a standard 3.5 mm socket and a balanced output through a 2.5 mm socket. Whether both circuits work simultaneously as with other such devices is unclear as the sockets are too close together for fitting two headphone jacks simultaneously. And it is the balanced output that makes the S9 PRO particularly attractive.


Functionality and Operation

The Hidizs S9 PRO works like so many dongles of its kind. You connect it to your phone or computer, it is source-powered and operated, and therefore does not contain any on-board controls.

A Summary of what it does

  • Can be connected to Windows/Mac computers or Android/iOS sources
  • Works as a pre-amplifier or dac when connected to a dedicated headphone amplifier
  • Features two circuits: 3.5 mm single ended and 2.5 mm balanced
  • Drives small loudspeakers through its 3.5 mm output
  • Handles even power-hungry headphones well, imo up to 300 Ω

Concluding Remarks

The Hidizs S9 PRO joins the gigantic pool of portable, source-powered dac-amps first introduced in phone-compatible versions by AudioQuest in 2016. It offers powerful amplification, single-ended and balanced circuits, low output impedance, and a good sound quality at $100. And the price is right.

It is amazing, how dongle prices have dropped and you have the agony of choice to pick the one that’s best for you. The Hidizs S9 PRO is one of the $100 options to consider. It works for me. Good luck!

Until next time…keep on listening!


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