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What is a DAC? And do I need one? The answer is – A DAC is a Digital to Analogue Converter, and you don’t NEED one but it certainly makes things sound lovely, especially as the one we’re reviewing today is portable, sleek, amplified, and well-balanced. Join us for a review of the Hidizs S9 Pro DAC.

S9 Pro

The HIDIZS S9 PRO DAC amplifier is capable of decoding up to 768kHz/32bits PCM audio file, native DSD512 in hardware and ISO, which, to the layperson means it’ll make a shit sound nicer!

The S9 PRO features a handy coloured LED which will flash different colours depending on the sampling rate running through it.

The S9 Pro features both a 3.5mm and (the audiophile favourite) balanced 2.5mm jack socket and boasts format-friendly compatibility including DSD-64 and MQA support.

The unit casing is around the size of one AA battery and comes with a clear plastic auxiliary casing which includes a handy lapel/pocket clip.

The DAC is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac OS, iPad OS, Android Smartphones, and iPhones (For iOS users, the Lightning OTG cable has to be purchased separately).

The driving capacity on offer here is 200mW (119dB SNR and 118dB channel separation) for the balanced port and 100mW (120dB SNR and 80dB of channel separation) for the single-ended port, meaning it can drive the finest of demanding old school ear muffs!

hidizs s9 pro dac

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 59x18x8mm
DAC chip: ES9038Q2M
DSD: Native DSD64/128/256/512
PCM: Support up to 768kHz/32-bit
Build quality: Aluminum-alloy CNC Integration (Black, silver)
Transmission Interface: Type-C
Output option: Compatible with both single-ended 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm headphones
Output power: Up to 100mW+100mW@ 32 Ohm – 3.5mm SE / Up to 200mW+200mW@32 Ohm Balanced – 2.5mm
Power system: Plug and Play
Supported System: Android, Windows, Mac OS, iPad OS

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