HIDIZS SD2 Review - Eiji Zerstorer Romero

HIDIZS SD2 Review - Eiji Zerstorer Romero

This dongle offers a variety of adaptors, from lightning adaptor for older iPhone devices up to the USB type-a for PCs and laptops that make this dongle more versatile to almost all known modern multimedia devices. It is also noted the type-C connector will support all Android devices with said type of connector and a good news for users with the latest iPhones to enjoy apple music or any streaming services, this dongle can fully support it and it can even use its mic option and in-line control. The mic has a high definition output that can deliver a crisp and crystal clear vocal quality.

On its internal parts, HIDIZS implemented an older but reliable ESS DAC, the ES9270. This DAC has 2-stereo channels with built-in class G Sabre DAC capable of delivering a power output up to 2.0Vrms and it can support Hi-Res up to 32-bit 384KHz PCM and also, up to DSD128 on DSD or DoP. The power output of this dongle was rated to have a 70mW + 70mW at 32 ohms with an SNR of 118dB

On the software side, this device can support almost all known popular operating systems either in mobile or desktop format. And also, this device is compatible with the built-in EQ features of some popular music apps on android like UAPP, HiBy Music app and Neutron app.

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