HIDIZS SD2 Review - Loomis T. Johnson

HIDIZS SD2 Review - Loomis T. Johnson

The SD2 does PCM 384/32 DSD 128 as opposed to the ostensibly higher-rez PCM 768/32 and DSD 512 on Hidisz’s pricier models; whether or not you can hear the difference is an open question. In case anyone still cares, the SD2 is MQA-capable. Tiny blue/red sample rate indicator will surely please obsessives. 

With more challenging phones like the 300 ohm Sennheiser HD 600, the SD was adequate but slightly underpowered, which is audible mainly at the low end, which sounds more billowy and slow than with the SD2 than through the balance out of the S9.  I did observe that compared to my current go-tos like the Truthear Shio, the SD2 is quite a power hog, although it remains cool to the touch.

So how does it sound? Quite a bit like the S9 actually, with a ballsy, bright tonality that accentuates midrange and imparts a lot of sparkle and crispness at the high end. As with the S9, there is considerable coloration to the proceedings—voices and percussion have a hyper-pixilated quality that can sound analytical or overly-energetic on some material, although micro-details are very cleanly presented. Background is very quiet and at least on more sensitive phones, bass is speedy and tight and soundstage is expansive and three-dimensional, with a lot of air between instruments. 

Where the SD2 really stands out is in its stereo imaging, which is as precise as I’ve heard at this price point. The position of each performer is immediately discernible, and there’s no recognizable bleed between frequencies. Large-scale orchestral works are impressively sorted out, as are dense rock tracks (you can actually hear Ian Stewart’s piano on the Stone’s “Shake Your Hips”).

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