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New product from Hidizs! Concerning the recent amount of different product reviews for this brand is seems that Hidizs is becoming one of the leaders in HiFi industry. Product portfolio grows and covers DAPs for the different budgets, external DAC&s and headphones. This time, instead of reviewing DAPs and DACs I would do something new and try to describe my impression of Hidizs latest IEM headphones — Seeds.

Just to make clear: actually, I was really sceptical about any type or brand of IEMs and would always prefer regularly priced full size monitors with large speaker diameter over any expensive IEMs just because of some previous experience. All bundled IEMs were crap despite the price of a gadget it came with. Most of other headphones of this type would always be dependent of many subjective factors like ear structure, wearing comfort, how deep it would sit and so on. And none that I’ve tried haven’t come close to delivering such rich and tight midbass dynamics as full size headphones with membrane diameter equal of more than 43mm.

Now, after listening to acceptably priced Hidizs Seeds IEMs — my perception has turned up side down. And I would try to explain why.

Hidizs Seeds Technical Specifications:

Shell Material: Aluminium alloy
Cable Material: 99.999% OFC copper
Electroacoustics: Φ10mm graphene diaphragms dual dynamic voice coils, dual voice chambers
Speaker type: dynamic
No. of Drivers: 1 per channel
Frequency Response: 20-40000Hz
Impedance: 50 ohms
Sensitivity: 110dB/mW | 123dB/V
Maximum power: 30mW
Eartips: S/M/L/XL silicone eartips
Cable Length:1.2 m
Jack type: 2.5mm balanced / 3.5mm unbalanced gold-plated


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