Quick Review: HIDIZS MS2 Hybrid Dual Drivers HiFi IEMs



June 28, 2022

The HIDIZS MS2 Hybrid Dual Drivers In-ear Monitors provide great value and sound quality for $89.

With a 20hz-40Khz frequency response range, the MS2 sound field is no joke. It delivers a powerful hi-res experience with 112dB sensitivity. The 0.78mm 2pin gold-plated socket, comes with its own cable and can be matched with other headphone cables for different listening experiences. When paired with a Hidizs Bluetooth cable, it doubles as a great Bluetooth headset.

Resin molded body with pristine panels gives off a spectacular sheen in different light environments. They look nearly as good as they sound!

The MS2’s stylish looks, superior quality, and superb sound cannot possibly disappoint! The hybrid (1 BA driver + 1 Dynamic driver) headphones provide a gorgeous treble that isn’t jarring, with a stable and broad balanced range, plus powerful and malleable bass. Female vocals are delicate and soothing, male vocals are irrevocably moving, plus natural-sounding musical instruments, everything works on this unit! The top entry-level choice for audiophiles!  

Connect the decoding amp to your phone, or a music player. The MS2 pairs well with everything sound signature, and comfortably reproduces recording quality for your listening pleasure! 

Hidizs MS2