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Hidizs continues to conquer HiRes audio world by launching new products one after another. Recently, I have reviewed their AP200 flagship DAP, followed by entry-level AP60II HiRes player and finally - one of the best DAC& available on the market - Sonata DH1000.

Today the topic is about something new and very small. But despite its size - it does deliver the quality many are willing to have - Hidizs Sonata HD DAC audio cable.

The purpose of this little device is obvious - to turn any sound source equipped with USB A or USB type-C ports into HiRes audio device capable of direct reproduction of 24bit|192kHz format by the means of a tiny adapter that would not consume excessive space in your pocket.

Suppose that I don't own HiRes DAP yet, or that my player is too large to fit into the pocket, or that the battery has drained, or else... At the same time, it is very common that other devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets would not even come close to what we mean by a term "HiRes audio". Their outputs are weak, don't have enough driving power, don't have enough volume and the sound is blurred. What shell I do in this case to satisfy my hunger for good quality of sound?... This is exactly the point where I would start to consider Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable as the best way to upgrade a smartphone or any almost any other typical source to a high resolution sound. It is small, universal, doesn't require additional power supply, doesn't consume additional space - just an adapter between your device and headphones.

Ok, let's dive into technical details:

SNR: 114 dB
Dynamic range: 114 dB
Digital Interface: Micro USB Type-C
Simulation Interface: 3.5 mm headphone Jack, microphone supported
System Supported: Windows/MacOSX/Android
Output Power: 2x60mW @ 32Ω
PCM: 16/24 bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 KHz
Output Current: 50mA
Accessories: Type C to USB A adapter


Hi-Fi Quality Sound - Fully enhance the sound quality of mobile phones while providing excellent headphone drive capability, it improves the signal-to-noise ratio to 114DB.
Hi-Res DAC Performance - Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable passed the Hi-Res certification. Its DAC chip helps your mobile phones achieve 24bit/192kHz Hi-Res output capability.
Hi-Fi Headphone Cable - Pure quad-core copper wire, precision construction and quality materials lets Hidizs Sonata HD cable to provide high resolution sound.
Now, back to reality.

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