Hidizs Products Feedback Insight Program

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New Year, New Vibes! As we step into 2024, we're excited to launch the "Hidizs Products Feedback Insight Program" ! Our aim is to gather diverse experiences and sentiments about Hidizs products from individuals across different countries, industries, HiFi backgrounds, and music enthusiasts. Listening to the public's voice will significantly contribute to the future design and enhancement of Hidizs products. We believe most of you share the desire for continuous improvement in Hidizs products and the brand as a whole.

This is an exceptional opportunity for both our loyal users and new friends eager to explore Hidizs products. We extend a warm invitation to everyone, regardless of background, to participate in this event.

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Participation Details:

Qualifications: Anyone can participate

Products Available for Trial: All currently available Hidizs products

Number of Selected Participants: 10-20 individuals randomly selected

Announcement Time: Selected Participants will be announced by the end of this month.

To participate, simply click the button below to fill out the form and submit your application. We will randomly select lucky participants from the submissions. Join now!

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Here are some details about of Hidizs Products Feedback Insight Program:

Q: What is the registration process?
A: Click the "Join Now" button at the bottom of the page to apply. 
Follow the instructions to fill out the survey to obtain the opportunity to trail the Hidizs product.

Q: Where will I receive the notification?
A: Once you are the lucky participant, you will receive the email notification accordingly. Kindly stay tuned with our social media channel. We will do the announcements officially. 

Q: How many lucky participants will be selected for the Hidizs Products Feedback Insight Program?
A: 10-20 people will be randomly selected for the program.

Q: What is the registration period?
A:  January 10, 2024- January 25, 2024

Q: When will lucky participants be announced?
A: Lucky participants will be announced on the Jan. 31st 

Q: How long does delivery take after confirming the shipping address?
A: Sample delivery time is 5-12 working days, depending on the country and region.

Q: How long is the product's authentic feedback sharing period?
A: The product feedback sharing period is within one week after receiving the product.

We organize this event to encourage users to share authentic experiences with Hidizs products. Any of you can explore new or untried products, and also experience it for free. Join the Hidizs family – fill out and submit the form now!

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The Shared Wall

Here is the feedback we’ve collected from the program.