For $39.99, the Hidizs SD2 is a very competitive USB DAC dongle worth checking because it is compact, lightweight, well made and has excellent sound performance with plenty of musicality and great technicalities for the category.

Droid X - Luis Enrique NZ

Hidizs SD2 Justo Lo Que Necesitas


The overall sound quality is clean, natural, and mellow, with high resolution and precise imaging, capable of reproducing the true characteristics of the sound. Its small size ensures great portability, and the attractive price point is a significant draw. Furthermore, it can directly connect with the iPhone 15.

MP145+SD2 Bundle

Dive into Depth:Your 'Hi-Res Audio Odyssey'
  • The MP145 in-ear monitor (IEM) stands out with high sensitivity, low distortion, and wide frequency response (104dB sensitivity, 30Ω impedance), perfectly complementing the SD2.
  • Experience 9 distinct sound styles tailored for vocal, balanced, and bass preferences, with meticulously crafted ear tips offering exceptional comfort and audio fidelity.
  • Compact and lightweight, the SD2 (34.5×20×10mm) and MP145 (each IEMs less than 9.5g) elevate your audio experience on the go, ideal for travel, home, or office use, offering both convenience and quality.

Get yours at $174.99

MS1-Galaxy+SD2 Bundle

Elevate Your Ears: Your Prime Gateway to Hi-Res Listening.
  • The MS1-Galaxy features a custom 10.2mm high-performance dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver with 32Ω impedance, paired perfectly with the SD2 for heightened sensitivity in mid-to-low frequencies, reducing distortion for faithful audio reproduction.
  • With a high sensitivity of 108dB, the MS1-Galaxy effortlessly pairs with the SD2, delivering optimal volume and swift response, catering to both budding audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Its versatility extends to small adapter DACs and smart devices, ensuring superior audio quality for music streaming, gaming, or relaxation.
  • Designed based on extensive earlobe data and ergonomic principles, the earphone housing offers a snug fit similar to personalized custom molds, ensuring comfort during long-term use, whether streaming music or gaming.
Get yours at $52.99

MS3+SD2 Bundle

Masterful Sound at Your Fingertips. Hi-Res Listening Experience Awaits.
  • The MS3 features a dual magnetic circuit and dual chamber 10.2mm dynamic coil unit, paired with the SD2's 108dB sensitivity for an exceptional sound experience.
  • Equipped with three interchangeable pneumatic tuning filters, the MS3 allows for sound customization with high, balanced, or low-frequency signatures, catering to various music preferences. Paired with the SD2, enjoy a quiet background, responsive bass, and a wide, three-dimensional soundstage.
  • The SD2's portability, supporting the iPhone 15 Type-C port, ensures compatibility with Windows, iOS, Android, and HarmonyOS platforms, enhancing your audio entertainment across any channel.
Get yours at $152.99

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