HIDIZS DH80S Review - Jose V

HIDIZS DH80S Review -  Jose V

The Hidizs DH80S has an unrestricted Sabre sound. Anyone familiar with these DACS will have an idea of their profile, which tends towards clarity and analytical capability. And so it is, from the very first moment, the sound is uncluttered, very clean and defined, full of light, separate and precise. It’s not a harsh sound, not to misinterpret the analytical sound towards this side, but it’s not silky or sweet either. It is more neat, transparent, clean and highly descriptive.

In the mid-range, the splendour of its analytical character is appreciated without restriction. Light, clarity, separation, transparency, definition and level of resolution are limited only by the capabilities of the connected headphones. Vocals are exposed very full in their edges and details, without the body suffering. Their level of dynamics is quite high and so is the speed. The differences between them and the instruments is very clear, with no decoupling felt, just a great separation and a sense of air. Despite the cold character, there is no loss of musicality: it is not an inert and insensitive sound, but a technically very outstanding sound, which works very well with BA drivers, because it knows how to enhance their virtues. But it is not only good for them, with dynamic drivers it makes the profile more musical, offering a more fluid and continuous mid-range. The instrumentation is very delicate and precise, but without losing its naturalness. It is remarkable the great amount of detail offered, generating a very refined and melodic timbre, very suitable for complex compositions, where a high level of resolution is required. This DH80S does not shy away from big challenges, but excels at them.

The high end does not feel betrayed by the character of the Hidizs, as it is no more exposed than other areas. The treble sounds in keeping with the profile, technically precise, without losing its delicacy or sounding harsh, even with the most excited headphones. It is clear that the timbre in this area stands out in its coolness, speed and tightness. The notes are exquisitely thin, swift and lightning-fast, showing off their precision and level of resolution. It’s worth noting that, although the sound is analytical, this is not an overly bright DAC/AMP, nor is it emphasised in this area, because it is clear that the linearity of its frequency response is absolute, nor is there any colouring in the response of the connected headphones, be they dynamic drivers, BA, via the SE or Balanced output. It goes without saying, however, that the highs are very sparkling and dynamic, with a lot of liveliness and extension, not least because the DH80S reaches up to 50kHz without losing the linearity of its response.

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