HIDIZS MP145 Review - gadgetgod

HIDIZS MP145 Review - gadgetgod

Hidizs MP145 has a very lively and immersive sound presentation. The sound has a neutral to slightly warm tone, the instrument notes are well-defined and precise. There is no audible sibilance or harshness even on louder volume levels. I appreciate how controlled the MP145 resolution is. It is crisp, it is accurate and has amazing clarity. The pair maintains absolutely amazing clarity throughout the frequency band. Overall tuning profile is very balanced with no particular frequency being emphasised.

Lower-end packs some solid bass response. The sub-bass is rumbling and the mid-bass hits fast and quick. The lower-end region is tight and precise, there is no bleed into the other frequencies. 

Instrument notes are very well-defined and one can expect amazing layering and imaging capabilities with the Hidizs MP145. The pair showcases absolute excellence in those technical aspects. The soundstage is brilliant, just like the size of the ear shells, the soundstage presence of Hidizs MP145 is massive. It is deep, airy, and wide, giving a massive feeling whenever I listen to the set.

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