HIDIZS MP145 Review - Headfonia

HIDIZS MP145 Review - Headfonia

First and foremost, despite its rather modest price tag, the IEM exhibits all of the prowess you’d expect from a planar-driver model: prominent highs, clear mids, and super punchy lows… when correctly driven. In fact, with its low sensitivity (104dB) and despite the rather low impedance (30 ohms), the MP145 remains a true planar and will be considerably tasking with low-powered sources, like a phone.

Fed by my FiiO Q15 though – amazing device by the way – the IEM was able to unleash its true power and delivered quick transients, toe-tapping bass, and strong highs, only damned by shy high-mids – at least with the balanced ear-tips and nozzle. I was able to fix that with the new embedded EQ of the Q15, but some might prefer to use the provided high-frequency filters.

On the Hidizs SO Pro Plus, plugged with the OG cable, the MP145 outmatched the old MD4 on all of every I listened too. Most impressive of all was the rendering of the vocals, which, throughout all my listening, continually managed to surprise me in terms of clarity, fidelity, and naturalness. Something that I was not expecting from this IEM. Sure, the bass remains superb, even if not as “magical” as my high-end gears, but for the price it’s hard to be picky and they give a solid foundation to the rest of the spectrum. ​​It avoids any conspicuous flaws in this frequency range, creating an audio experience that seamlessly blends robust lows and super clean highs, at every volume level.


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