Hidizs MP145 Review - Pietro

Hidizs MP145 Review - Pietro

As you can imagine, the design of Hidizs MP145 is inspired by whales. It resembles both the tail fin and the texture of the whale’s skin. The shell has a truly absurd quality, in die-cast aluminum and some CNC machining, it is one of the best shells ever seen.

The fast and precise bass is undoubtedly surprisingly powerful (I almost mistake it for massive DD), but there is also the typical crazy planar detail and soundstage. Both the mids and highs are clear, exact, and without any weaknesses. Absolutely amazing!

The sound is truly exceptional in my opinion. I’m not a planar expert, but comparing myself with experts, we had the same sensations. If I consider that the Super early bird price is only 109 USD (now 139 USD on Kickstarter), everything is even more fantastic!


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