HIDIZS MS2 Review 🔥🎼

HIDIZS MS2 Review 🔥🎼
Best hybrid under $100
ProsAwesome treble
Tuned well
Great low end
Good mids
Awesome build and cable
ConsNone at price
Hidizs Ms2

Easy to drive but does scale with a dongle or low power amp

Excellent tuning and overall sound quality

Balanced overall with low end warmth and top end sparkle
Fast bass that’s controlled and warm
lively midrange and airy smooth treble
Great dynamics and good extension at both ends, everything blends together very well

Great mid bass
Clean clear mids
Good vocals.
Non fatiguing or harsh
Excellent transition between dd and ba , blends well
Great separation
Average soundstage but it mixes well with the overall listen
Awesome cable
Good isolation
Good fit and seal
Great build
Sounds like a be coated dd but isn’t

Love the treble on these
Close to the best ba treble I’ve ever heard
Excels in rock and edm
Can be a slightest but brightish at times but not fatiguing at all

The dd has a punchy musical low end that sounds like a well tuned ported box

89.99$ worth it, my new favorite hybrid under 100$


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