Hidizs MS3 Review - zmarketchangers

Hidizs MS3 Review - zmarketchangers

Consisting of 2 high-quality armature Knowles drivers + single but mighty dynamic driver, MS3 IEMs produce rich and engaging sound.Apart from that, MS3 sound impressive, especially on layering and instrument separation. Every sound is laid out on its shelve, each instrument sounds exposed. Resolution grows with the frequency, treble is the most resolved, upper mids and vocals have great clarity and texturing.

MS3 are designed so that it would fit most without any problems. Such shape, pretty long nozzles, over-the-ear hooks and variety of ear tips would allow almost anyone to use it comfortably, even during the active workouts.

Hidizs MS3 hybrid IEMs posses all the necessary qualities to become a bargain for many audio enthusiasts and even for some demanding audiophiles. Technically MS3 are sounding great – impressive overall resolution and treble extension, great layering and articulation, excellent and tight mid bass. Build quality, feel and especially the possibility of the additional tuning are all exceptional. Musically, MS3 would be great for those who love V-shaped tuning and brighter sound, bass heads would rather stick to some more bass-oriented options. Nevertheless, Hidizs MS3, considering its price, bundle and sound quality, set the bar pretty high for its rivals on the market. Definitely a great option to save some funds and be totally satisfied at the same time.

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