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HIDIZS MS3 Review - kopfbox

HIDIZS MS3 Review - kopfbox

Wenn ich den Hidizs MS3 unabhängig höre und mich voll und ganz auf ihn einlasse, ja, dann gefällt er mir schon sehr gut und ich bin beim Hören auch sehr glücklich wenn auch nicht zu 100 % zufrieden...

IEMSHIDIZS MS3 Review - ZP Productions

HIDIZS MS3 Review - ZP Productions

The IEM is comfortable. The size is quite small and fits flush with my ear. The weight is relatively low at 7.5g per side and is molded to the shape of the ear cavity. It does mean that it fits snu...

IEMSHIDIZS MS3 Review - regancipher

HIDIZS MS3 Review - regancipher

The immediate first impression of the MS3 is its unmistakeable quality. The shells, despite weighing over 7g, do not feel especially heavy thanks to their well-proportioned, ergonomic dimensions, b...

IEMSHidizs MS3 Review -  Richard Box Reviews

Hidizs MS3 Review - Richard Box Reviews

Hidizs MS3, un iem con drivers dinamico y balance armature, que da mucho de que hablar, sigueme en mis redes.


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IEMSHidizs MS3 Review -  Dynamic Audio

Hidizs MS3 Review - Dynamic Audio

Hidizs MS3 - Un multidriver que me ENCANTÓ!

IEMSHidizs MS3 Review - Ichos

Hidizs MS3 Review - Ichos

The Hidizs MS3 represents one of the best values in the market right now and an excellent choice for everyone looking for a balanced tuned IEM that can be further customized with the tuning filters...

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