Hidizs MS3 Review - Ichos

Hidizs MS3 Review - Ichos

The outer resemblance to the MS5 is rather obvious, the two earphones share the same design language. The shell cavity and panel of the Hidizs MS3 are made from aviation aluminum alloy, which is carved by five-axis CNC. The cavity conforms to the ergonomic structure of the human ear and has been anodized to keep the surface clean. The faceplate has a pure black oxidation treatment and a three-dimensional shape like a flame jumps up to be highly recognizable. The Hidizs MS3 is beautiful, stylish and extremely well made.

The Hidizs MS3 is not just a cheaper version of the MS5 with the same kind of tuning and lesser technicalities but a totally different sounding earphone with its own unique personality. The MS3 is more balanced and naturally tuned when compared to the MS5 which has a low-end prominence and a darker sound profile. Actually the Hidizs MS3 is one of the most natural and balanced sounding earphones of the category while it has a great technical foundation that makes it suitable for both casual and critical listening.

The Hidizs MS3 represents one of the best values in the market right now and an excellent choice for everyone looking for a balanced tuned IEM that can be further customized with the tuning filters and is also very comfortable, well made and with a reasonable asking price.


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