Hidizs MS5 Review - Kazi Mahbub

Hidizs MS5 Review - Kazi Mahbub

The 3D-printed, UV-cured resin shells of the Orchestra Lite have good consistency and give a dense feeling in the hand. There are some refractions inside the shells though some may consider them a design element. Nonetheless, overall shell quality is similar to Moondrop’s Blessing2, if not at a slightly higher level.

Macrodynamic punch is very good, while microdynamics are lacking. General resolution is good even though most of it can be attributed to the extra-sizzly treble response.

Hidizs broke the price barrier with the MS5, and their marketing push indicates that the brand has a lot riding on the success of the MS5.

I’d say the MS5 are living on the edge: a bit further and they become too aggressive, a few steps back and they become too unremarkable. It’s not the most comfortable position to be in, but the MS5 manage to toe the line.


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