HIDIZS XO Review - Moonstar Reviews

HIDIZS XO Review - Moonstar Reviews

The Hidizs XO is a fairly neutral and balanced sounding USB DAC/Amplifier dongle with a moderately warm tonality, which offers a good level of transparency and detail retrieval for its price. It sounds in general fairly musical and doesn’t show any audible digital or unnatural presentation with all sources and earphones I have listen to it.

The device offers a fairy linear, clean and controlled bass response with low amount of coloration that adds the general presentation some sense of musicality. The midbass region shows a tad more coloration compared to the subbass area, while it still sounds pretty clean controlled. The impact, fullness and bottom while listen to instruments such like violins, toms or kick drums. The speed, layering and extension of the lower frequency region fulfill my expectation from an ultra portable DAC/Amplifier dongle at this price level.

The midrange of the Hidizs XO has a tad warmer than neutral tonality and a pretty natural timbre. The grade of clarity and resolution is decent for such an ultra portable DAC/Amplifier dongle. Both male and female vocals are reproduced in a pretty emotional and realistic manner, especially when paired with IEM’s like the Hidisz MD4 (in Balance Mode).

The treble range of the Hidizs XO is produced in a fairly natural and controlled manner. Both the presence and the brilliance are shown with an efficient level of emphasis and resolution, while the grade of extension meets my expectations from an ultra portable DAC/Amplifier dongle, especially with respects of its price. The upper treble range of the Hidizs XO creates relative good conditions for an airy and open presentation with a decent sense presence, which was audible while listen to instruments such like drums, pianos or violins.

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