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Our team of sound experts has hand-picked hidizs' best sellers to create an unbeatable bundle deal. Not only do you get our high-quality IEMs, but you also get a range of accessories that will take your listening experience to the next level.

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Reviewers Love MS5!

It took me years to find this hidizs MS5, a headset that is under $500 and sounds beastly, IEMs sounds better are around $1000~$2000!


MS5 is very versatile, high quality with the sound and the tuning is Hi-fi, yet fun!


Hidizs New Custom Liquid Silicone Dynamic Driver - Soft Hymn

MS5 is powered by Hidizs new custom 10mm liquid silicone dynamic driver. This is a sandwich injection molding process. Its body is Kevlar with a thickness of only 0.03mm, surrounded by liquid silicone of 0.45mm. Kevlar has ultra-high elasticity, combined with extremely thin liquid silicone to form a dynamic drive with good elasticity, good transient, high sensitivity and quick response. Moreover, the unique physical characteristics of Kevlar enable the internal losses generated by the dynamic drive to absorb vibration and reduce interference, so that the audio glitch is greatly reduced, and the resulting sound is more natural and soft.


Denmark Sonion 4 Balanced Armature Driver - Chanting Poems Loudly

Combined with MS5's liquid silicone dynamic driver is the Denmark Sonion balanced armature driver. The solid quality of Nordic industry, the quality performance is otherworldly. MS5 is equipped with a total of 4 balanced armature drivers. In the ultra-high frequency, the top E50DT high-frequency composite driver is used, the sound field is extended and smooth, transparent and natural, with excellent resolution and bright sound. The mid-high frequency is driven by the mid-high frequency 2389, which is the source of rich and full emotional details. The low frequency uses 17A003 low frequency driver, the dive is powerful, surging and solid.

The combination of 1 dynamic driver and 4 balanced armature drivers is like a hymn of angels, with clear sound, full dynamics, and long listening without getting tired.


Hidizs Exclusive Solder Process - Grasp the Details Present Perfectly

The solder joints inside the MS5 earphones use Hidizs exclusive compound material containing gold tin wire. Gold element is extremely stable and not easy to be oxidized, which brings many advantages such as stable electronic signal transmission and durable components. It is only used for high-end products, and also improves the fineness of the sound.


Replaceable "Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter™"

MS5's cavity design features an upgraded "Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter™" replaceable technology. It comes standard with three different configurations of tuning filters. The waveform of the air vibration is adjusted by the pre-designed sound tube structure and the density of the tuning cotton. That is, you can feel a completely different sound style without changing products and tuning styles.

Balanced - Rose Gold: Hidizs signature style, suitable for Pop and Folk

High Frequency - Quiet Silver: Smoothness improved, suitable for ACG and Classic

Low Frequency - Charm Red: Full of energy, suitable for Rock and Heavy Metal


Dark Angel Sculpture - Artwork That Walks the World

MS5 adopts a weight-saving one-piece aluminum alloy cavity design. At the beginning of modeling, the thickness and volume of the metal were reduced as much as possible to achieve a balance of strength and weight. By anodizing the surface of the aluminum alloy cavity, an aluminum oxide film is formed on the surface of the panel, which effectively improves the hardness of the surface of the cavity, makes the panel smoother, and reduces the residue of fingerprint marks. And it can reduce the harmonic resonance inside the earphone cavity, reduce distortion, and make the audio signal output cleaner and more stable.

The panel is still made of skin-friendly resin material, and the weight is further reduced through the hollowing process. And after multiple processes such as polishing and spraying, it presents the image of angel wings, like a messenger in the dark night, gazing at the night sky. The space between the panel and the cavity is a rose gold mesh panel, and the overall visual sense is very dazzling. The golden mesh panel can be seen through the hollow wings, which are calm, delicate and profound.


6N Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated Wire and 6N Single Crystal Copper Wire 8 Strands Mixed

A good earphone cannot be separated from a good earphone cable, and the two complement each other. MS5's cable has been upgraded. A total of 504 6N single crystal copper silver-plated wires and 6N single crystal copper wires are mixed with 8 strands to form a tight braided wire. The sound of single crystal copper is pure and delicate, and the sound of single crystal copper silver-plated wire is vivid and active, which makes MS5 to a higher level. The outer skin of the wire insulation layer is made of black environmentally friendly PVC material, which is soft and shiny. The 3.5mm plug is made of copper gold-plated, which makes MS5 awe-inspiring and full of details.


Exquisite Earphone Storage Box

MS5 storage box is made of high-quality PU leather, which is carefully crafted by leather craftsmen. Environmentally friendly and durable, waterproof and tough, full of texture. Using high-quality double-head zipper, strong bite, smooth and easy to pull. The leather is equipped with iron sheets, which are reinforced to prevent pressure and deformation, and the interior is supplemented with flannel, which is soft, protective, moisture-proof and reliable.


New 0.78mm 2pin Detachable Cable Design

MS5 adopts detachable 0.78mm 2pin design, which is more flexible. This allows the MS5 to be used with other cables to hear different styles and experience a variety of sounds. This time, the design on the pin has a new highlight, so that the original plastic curved pin base has been transformed into an angel's armor shape. Make Dark Angel more lively and interesting.


Human-like Ear Structure Design, Comfortable to Wear

According to the ergonomic ear shape, Hidizs redesigned the MS5's earphone front cavity and sound tube. The multi-surface design is adopted, and the shape of the entire cavity conforms to the physiological curve of the standard human ear, which can closely fit the contour of the ear and is comfortable to wear for a long time.


Hi-Res Certification

Hi-Res, which was first proposed by Sony, was followed by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), recording engineering parties and major record companies to jointly unify the Hi-Res audio definition standard. It has now become a must-have certification mark for high-end audio equipment.

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